Help voters and help protect their votes

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Tuesday, October 13
8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Trouble Registering? Request Zoom Link

Here, as promised, is the information on how to sign up nationally, or to volunteer directly with key states.


National Poll Watcher Sign-up Form:

National Voter Assistance Hotline Sign-up Form:

National Voter Assistance Hotline Training Sign-up Form:

Poll Watcher Requirements, State-by-state

Voting Requirements in Each State, State-by-state

STATE PRIORITIES AND LINKS ; if you want to focus on a specific state, pick it out on this list and go for it.

Arizona Priorities and Links
A. Poll Observers.  AZ needs more poll observers for both Early Voting (especially in the last week) and on Election Day. Some counties require poll observers to be registered voters, but others, including the largest county, Maricopa county allows out of state poll observers.

B. Volunteer recruitment phone banks (fully remote): Over the next few weeks Arizona volunteer recruitment phone banks will probably shift into a chase/cure phone bank, to help people whose ballots have been rejected.

Arizona Voter Hotline: 1-833-VOTE-4-AZ

Questions?         voterprotection@missionforarizona.comFlorida Priorities and Links
A.   Voter Protection Hotline: Remote volunteers (lawyers and nonlawyers). French, Haitian Creole & Spanish needed.

B.  Poll watcher (inside) or poll observer (outside):  Onsite volunteers. Poll watchers don’t need to be lawyers, but it could be helpful in some cases.

Poll Watcher Training:

Ballot Cure Calls:

Recruit Poll Watchers: Volunteers


Iowa Priorities and Links
A.   Voter Protection Hotline: Remote (lawyers and nonlawyers). 

B.  Poll watcher (inside) or poll observer (outside): Onsite. Poll watchers don’t need to be lawyers, but it could be helpful in some cases.

C. Volunteer Recruitment Phone Banking: Remote (lawyers and nonlawyers)

Iowa Voter Protection Sign-up Form

Iowa Volunteer Recruitment Phone Bank:

Poll Watching in Iowa (in-person on Election Day):

Voter Assistance Iowa Hotline (remote):

Iowa Chase and Cure Opportunities (remote):

Iowa Canvassing Board Monitor (in-person):


Maine Priorities and Links
A. Poll Watching and Vote Count Monitoring (onsite): Volunteers are needed to monitor the counting of mail ballots in advance of Election Day (beginning on 10/27) and the casting of absentee ballots in-person at town offices in the 30 days before 11/3. Maine allows out of state poll watchers.

B. Voter Hotline and Mail Ballot Curing: This can be done remotely by anyone. 

Maine Voter Protection Sign-up Form


Michigan Priorities and Links
MI Priorities for Volunteers  

A. Early Vote Poll Observers: Early voting started on September 24. Michigan allows  out of state poll observers. sign up at

B. Election Day Poll Observers: Out of state observers can be poll watchers inside and outside of polling locations on election day. The greatest needs will be in Detroit/Wayne County, Flint, Saginaw, and college towns, Ann Arbor and East Lansing. sign up for training at

C. Voter protection volunteers:


Minnesota Priorities and Links
Issues/Priorities Needs:
A. Poll challengers (inside: must be a MN resident)
B. Outside observers/rovers (does not need to be a MN resident)
C. Canvassing Boards (county canvasses meet on either Nov. 12 or Nov. 13)

Minnesota Voter Protection Sign-up Form


North Carolina Priorities and Links
A. Chase/Cure phone bank/hotline:  Help people whose absentee ballots have been rejected. Doesn’t require a lawyer, but you need to be able to work through a lot of rules (long script) with individuals so that their ballot isn’t rejected again.  

B. Poll observers for early voting and election day: They expect lots of intimidation and really need people on the ground. Anyone from any state can be an outside poll watcher.  Need to be a NC voter to be a poll watcher inside the polls.

C. NC Voter Assistance Hotline:  Anyone from any state can do hotline calls. Note: If you have language skills to offer to NC, here is the link:

Pennsylvania Priorities and Links
A. Volunteer Recruitment Phone-banking:

B. Poll Observer:

C. Vote-Early Monitor:  For the first time, all PA voters will soon have the option to vote early in person at their county elections office by requesting, completing, and submitting a mail-in ballot. 

D. Canvass Observer:  The canvass is generally not open to the public, so voters count on select volunteer canvass observers like you to monitor the process and ensure all eligible votes are counted. Canvass Observers assist elections officials by watching for and reporting issues at their canvass site, stand up for voters if their mail votes are challenged, and report key information to our team.


South Carolina Links
Voter Protection Volunteers

Poll Watchers: (Tuesdays) (Thursdays) (Saturdays)

Boiler Room:

Hotline number: 1-855-785-0222


Texas Priorities and Links
A. Poll watchers – must be registered voter in the county. Need them for 254 counties. There will be 3 weeks of early voting this year, so they need watchers in each polling place for all three weeks, in addition to election day. There will be a 1-hour on-demand training and constant support. 

B. Phone banking to help recruit in-state poll watchers. Anyone from any state can participate in phone banking to identify and recruit poll watchers.

C. Long term projects – if you have a generous amount of time, they have many projects they could plug you into, especially if you have legal background.  Does not require Texas residency.

Voter Protection for Non-lawyers:

Voter Protection for lawyers:


Wisconsin Links
 Poll Observer Save the Date:

Protection Recruitment:

Full Time Assistance:

Poll Observer Save the Date:

Weekend of Action Voter Protection Recruitment (With Special Guest):

Poll Worker Info Session (For Wisconsin Residents Only):


YOU can help Democratic candidates in North Carolina

For anyone who has time to do something now that they are not writing postcards!

How to Help No Matter How Much Time You Have

1. Make Cure Calls

What You’ll Be Doing: Helping contact voters and walking them through the process to cure their ballots. 

Best for: Anyone with a computer and a phone! 

How: Sign up to make cure calls here

2. Organize a Cure Phone Bank with Your Friends

What You’ll Be Doing: Getting 10+ of your friends together for a virtual cure phonebank, where a trained member of our cure team will come and lead you in making cure calls! 

Best for: Anyone with a lot of like-minded friends who wants to help! 

How: Email with subject “Cure Phone Bank Party”

3. Become a Poll Observer!

What You’ll Be Doing: Being our eyes and ears on the ground during Early Voting and on Election Day. 

Best for: Volunteers on the ground in North Carolina.

How: Sign up here

4. Help Staff Our Foreign Language Hotline

What You’ll Be Doing: Staffing our Voter Assistance Hotline for foreign language callers. 

Best for: Anyone fluent in a foreign language! 

Notes: Work can be done staffing the hotline in shifts or on an “on-call” basis. For on-call work, you simply need to be available throughout the day in case a voter calls in a particular language. We know you might have questions about how that works, so just sign up and our hotline team will reach out to explain!

How: Sign up for foreign language hotline here

Want to Take Your Commitment to the Next Level? 

Opportunities for “super volunteers” looking to take on a bigger role in our team 

1. Join Our Cure Team  

What You’ll Be Doing: Leading and training volunteers in virtual phone banks to call disenfranchised voters and help walk them through the process of “curing” their ballot so that it is accepted and counted. 

Best for: Lawyers, law students, or legal professionals with recurring availability. 

Notes: Can be performed remotely, work is on a volunteer basis. 

How: Email with subject “Cure Team.” 

2. Apply to be a Vote Pro Volunteer Fellow

What You’ll Be Doing: Acting as a volunteer fellow, helping our staff to schedule and confirm poll observers, lead phone banks, manage our volunteers, and an assortment of work! 

Best for: Volunteers with 20+ hours per week to give, a strong level of comfort with using technology, and a willingness to take on a major organizing role working closely with our staff. 

Notes: Can be performed remotely, work is on a volunteer basis. 

How: Email with the subject “Volunteer Fellow Application,” a paragraph about yourself, and a short description of how much availability you have to help and one what timeline.  

Want to Drop Everything for the Next Month and Join Us as a Full Time Volunteer?

Ok, this is a big ask – and honestly probably not right for most people – but if you think you might be up for it … 

1. Apply to be a Vote Pro Volunteer Deputy 

What You’ll Be Doing: Acting as a volunteer deputy to one of our Regional Voter Protection Directors, helping them with all aspects of our program on a full-time basis. 

Best for: Volunteers with a substantial amount of long-term availability (35+ hours per week), a strong level of comfort with using technology, and a willingness to take on a major organizing role working closely with our staff. 

Notes: Can be performed remotely, work is on a volunteer basis. How: Email with the subject “Volunteer Deputy Application,” a resume, a paragraph about yourself, and a short description of how much availability you have to help and one what timeline.

(I will post a schedule for phonebanks later this week, but thought this looked just as good as phonebanks. But since it was not phonebanks, it might have more appeal to you, especially since every vote that is cured is a vote for a Democratic candidate. It’s like driving someone to the polls, you will have been responsible for a vote.)

Have fun supporting Democrats; a Zoom food experiment

MONDAY, Labor Day, Sept. 7, at 3:00 PM Pacific Time

Help Dan O’Neil flip Michigan House District 104 from red to BLUE. Dan will be joined by Matt Barry, one of the geniuses at Fieldwork Brewing Company. We’ll deliver a “flight pack” of four 16 oz cans; Matt will explain why something this amazingly good is still somehow technically just beer; Dan will consider moving to Berkeley. (Donation $50) RSVP

SUNDAY, Sept. 13, at 3:30 PM Pacific Time

Help Kimberly Hardy and Virginia Cox-Daugherty flip the North Carolina House. We’ll bring the Chocolate – all you have to do is taste it as chocolate luminaries Alice Medrich and Nancy Nadel explain how chocolate is good for you, the environment, developing economies, and democracy. If the Republicans win they will take away your Chocolate – and God only knows what they’ll do to those puppies. (Donation $55) RSVP

Also – EBAA Home Stretch All Members Meeting 9/3: Get the latest information on our two month push to help the Blue Wave crest on Nov. 3 Get Zoom Link

North Carolina Report

At stake in NC, the election includes races for Governor (currently Roy Cooper, Democrat running for re-election…Republican contender is Dan Forest), Senator (currently Thom Tillis, Republican running for re-election…Democratic contender is Cal Cunningham)

Shows map of NC House Districts

Map of Congressional Districts in NC

North Carolina is also a swing state, even though it has a fairly consistent Republican lean. North Carolina’s white college-educated population share isn’t that much smaller than Virginia’s, but it has a larger share of white voters who don’t have a four-year degree. Additionally, North Carolina’s white voters are somewhat more Republican-leaning, and the state tends to be more rural than Virginia. (from 538 polls). Here is an article about the dramatic shift in NC to Red once GOP took control of the legislature. A look at what happened in 2010-12 when the GOP won a veto proof majority in the legislature and the governorship.

Current EBAA supported candidates are

Dr. Kimberly Hardy NC HD-43,, this is a hold, but the formerly reliable Democratic seat is going to be a challenge to hold after the redistricting. Up ballot this race impacts the race for Congressional District 8 where Pat Timmons-Goodson, and Congressional District 9 (currently GOP, Cynthia Wallace is the Dem. candidate, Dan McReady was the Dem. candidate in a special election to fill this seat when Meadows left to join the White House staff, so we do not have high hopes for a flip there) as well as statewide races for Governor and US Senator.

Dr. Virginia Cox-Daugherty, NC HD-12,, this is a heavy lift flip, D -7. It has been a low turnout area much like CA-21 with TJ Cox. If the campaign can generate a strong vote turnout will have major impact on the statewide races for Democrats as well as Congressional District 3, and could conceivably flip this back to Democratic control…undermined by gerrymandering and mentioned in the film Slay the Dragon (worth watching if you have not seen it, you can rent it on Amazon for a buck).

One voter registration group that is native to North Carolina is YouCanVote, They register and educate voters and have an excellent track record in that those who they register vote in higher numbers than the general population of registered voters.

Latest Phonebanks

Kuppa, MI-41, Saturdays

O’Neil, MI-104, Saturdays

Hardy, NC-43, Saturdays

Pulver, MI-39, Sundays

Evans, AZ-6, Wednesdays

Cox-Daughery, NC, Thursdays

PhoneBanks by EBAA Interns

Hello, the East Bay Activist Alliance is running a number of weekly phonebanks that are run by their interns (my charges). We had one of our members join a phonebank on Sunday, 8/9 at 1:00 pm. Hurray, Marilyn!!! She did great!

They repeat every week, same day, same time. You can find the links on the EBAA website,, under TakeAction (link at top of page), Phonebanking (link in menu for TakeAction), Calendar (link at bottom of Phonebanking page).

Here is the overall schedule with links to all that are coming up this week.

Kuppa, MI-41, Saturdays

Pulver, MI-39, Sundays

Hardy, NC-43, Saturdays

Evans, AZ-6, Wednesdays

O’Neil, MI-104, Saturdays

EBAA internship report

To Indivisible Elmwood

I have been working with East Bay Activist Alliance ( on developing an intern program to support state legislative races in critical states.

We choose states and races based on impact at multiple levels as follows: an eye to flipping legislature to end gerrymandering, to support up-ballot races within the state like Governor or Attorney General, to support up-ballot federal races like for the US House or US Senate (either to hold a seat or flip one), and to support the Democratic presidential candidate with a significant number of electoral college votes. We are picking the state races by whether or not they are conceivably flippable. We aim to help push them ahead in the end. We do not pick sides in primaries because we want to support local choices.

We have chosen to work in Michigan because we have relationships there from work two years ago when we helped flip a state senate seat and a state house seat in Oakland County, a formerly segregated county immediately outside of Detroit. We will be working directly with four campaigns there, two holds and two flips. We are currently helping two other campaigns to flip, but only in the early part of their campaigns. We will work with two campaigns in North Carolina and one in Arizona (AZ legislative district 6 which includes Flagstaff).

In each of the past two years, we have had one intern, first in Michigan then in Virginia. Thus far this year we have seven interns who are working now because of the Covid quarantine. They are all working in Michigan on 5 legislative races, helping StateWide Indivisible Michigan (SWIM), and a national campaign, One Fair Wage ( They are working remotely to help campaigns. Some of the work is phone banking, other actions involve research for the campaign or data gathering of one type or another. The interns are very enthusiastic and want to learn about political campaigning and flip things Democratic.

Our Michigan candidates at this time are Padma Kuppa (, Laurie Pohutsky (, and Julia Pulver ( Our Arizona candidate is Coral Evans ( We have not finalized the NC races that we will support, but we plan on taking on two.

EBAA has a new website, and it offers a broad view of what we do. It connects to all Bay Area political activities some of which may be of interest to some of you. Our full service offer to campaigns is our expertise and our structures for fundraising, phone banking, text banking, post carding, canvassing, and supplying an intern.

EBAA is a completely volunteer organization, no paid staff, but a lot of very talented and knowledgeable activists. We can also use any local support, funding and actions that you and others can offer. So please, check out the website and see what’s there. If you have questions, feel free to contact me ( or 510-220-5239). I think that the fundraising link will take you to the Giving Circles effort that we are using to replace the activity-based fundraising was used before.

Thanks for all that you all do!

Bill Marthinsen

Postcarding from Ann

Postcarding to Music
11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Wednesday, February 26
Cafe Roma
, corner of Ashby & Telegraph College, Berkeley
We’ll be postcarding to support Democrat candidates using Tony the Democrat listings. Cafe Roma has live piano music (for free) from 11:30-1:30, so we will be writing with a musical backdrop. It’s fine to stop by for a short time, but please, everyone, be sure to purchase a beverage or snack. I don’t want to unfairly take advantage of the cafe. I’ll have postcards, pens, markers, and some stamps, but you’re welcome to bring your own too.
Come one, come all!

Ann Overton

Create Change in a Swing State from EBAA

The ask: Go to Virginia the weekend before the 11/5/19 election (or more days if they can).

Anyone interested in canvassing should contact Paul:

Phone: (571) 289-7298

Why canvassing?

It is the single most effective way to get people out to vote.

Why Virginia?

It’s the most important election in 2019 and a once-in-decade opportunity to undo gerrymandering thereby picking up U.S. congressional seats for a decade:

Our coalition (dozens of groups of 2000 volunteers) spent months doing data-based research on where we could have the most impact. Our coalition unanimously agreed that Virginia Beach in southern Virginia is the most strategic swing district in 2019.

Here’s why:

Republicans currently hold power in Virginia, but there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in this state.

In Virginia we can make major short-term and long-term gains:

  • we can flip the State

  • we can make an impact on the systemic issues that landed us where we are today by undoing gerrymandering and voter suppression laws

  • remember: the elections on November 5, 2019, will decide how electoral districts in Virginia are determined from 2020 to 2030

If we GOTV in Virginia, we can Flip the state House and Senate (totally possible- only need 2 seats!)

This is the most important election this year. We can change the dynamics of power in Virginia for a decade if we win on November 5th. But we have to get Democrats to vote in Virginia Beach. Our candidates are amazing and energized with fresh ideas. And they are asking us directly for help with canvassing. And we have a super organized canvassing captain, with whom Paul is working directly.

We know going to Virginia is a big ask, but it’s just one weekend, and if we win in Virginia, it will be by just a very small margin, and it will be because people like you made it happen.

Will you help us change the dynamics of power for the next decade by going to Virginia?

What are the logistical details?

  • Dates: It’s up to you! Whatever you can do will help. Suggested dates are 11/1 – 11/5, but just that final weekend (11/2-3) is fine too.

  • Flights: We fly into Norfolk. Paul can send you more info on flights.

  • Housing: Paul will help organize that for you, either to suggest a hotel near the campaign or find you free housing with local volunteers.

  • Safety: The neighborhoods are safe, we won’t send you anywhere not safe, and everyone gets a buddy.

  • What You’ll be Doing: You’ll be talking to Democratic supporters to help them vote (making a plan around voting, confirming their poll location, arranging transportation if needed, etc.)

  • Cost: If financial concerns are holding you back, let Paul know – we are gathering sponsors to fund canvassers. Don’t let money stop you – we will figure it out!