Have fun supporting Democrats; a Zoom food experiment

MONDAY, Labor Day, Sept. 7, at 3:00 PM Pacific Time

Help Dan O’Neil flip Michigan House District 104 from red to BLUE. Dan will be joined by Matt Barry, one of the geniuses at Fieldwork Brewing Company. We’ll deliver a “flight pack” of four 16 oz cans; Matt will explain why something this amazingly good is still somehow technically just beer; Dan will consider moving to Berkeley. (Donation $50) RSVP

SUNDAY, Sept. 13, at 3:30 PM Pacific Time

Help Kimberly Hardy and Virginia Cox-Daugherty flip the North Carolina House. We’ll bring the Chocolate – all you have to do is taste it as chocolate luminaries Alice Medrich and Nancy Nadel explain how chocolate is good for you, the environment, developing economies, and democracy. If the Republicans win they will take away your Chocolate – and God only knows what they’ll do to those puppies. (Donation $55) RSVP

Also – EBAA Home Stretch All Members Meeting 9/3: Get the latest information on our two month push to help the Blue Wave crest on Nov. 3 Get Zoom Link

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