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Tuesday, October 13
8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Trouble Registering? Request Zoom Link

Here, as promised, is the information on how to sign up nationally, or to volunteer directly with key states.


National Poll Watcher Sign-up Form:

National Voter Assistance Hotline Sign-up Form:

National Voter Assistance Hotline Training Sign-up Form:

Poll Watcher Requirements, State-by-state

Voting Requirements in Each State, State-by-state

STATE PRIORITIES AND LINKS ; if you want to focus on a specific state, pick it out on this list and go for it.

Arizona Priorities and Links
A. Poll Observers.  AZ needs more poll observers for both Early Voting (especially in the last week) and on Election Day. Some counties require poll observers to be registered voters, but others, including the largest county, Maricopa county allows out of state poll observers.

B. Volunteer recruitment phone banks (fully remote): Over the next few weeks Arizona volunteer recruitment phone banks will probably shift into a chase/cure phone bank, to help people whose ballots have been rejected.

Arizona Voter Hotline: 1-833-VOTE-4-AZ

Questions?         voterprotection@missionforarizona.comFlorida Priorities and Links
A.   Voter Protection Hotline: Remote volunteers (lawyers and nonlawyers). French, Haitian Creole & Spanish needed.

B.  Poll watcher (inside) or poll observer (outside):  Onsite volunteers. Poll watchers don’t need to be lawyers, but it could be helpful in some cases.

Poll Watcher Training:

Ballot Cure Calls:

Recruit Poll Watchers: Volunteers


Iowa Priorities and Links
A.   Voter Protection Hotline: Remote (lawyers and nonlawyers). 

B.  Poll watcher (inside) or poll observer (outside): Onsite. Poll watchers don’t need to be lawyers, but it could be helpful in some cases.

C. Volunteer Recruitment Phone Banking: Remote (lawyers and nonlawyers)

Iowa Voter Protection Sign-up Form

Iowa Volunteer Recruitment Phone Bank:

Poll Watching in Iowa (in-person on Election Day):

Voter Assistance Iowa Hotline (remote):

Iowa Chase and Cure Opportunities (remote):

Iowa Canvassing Board Monitor (in-person):


Maine Priorities and Links
A. Poll Watching and Vote Count Monitoring (onsite): Volunteers are needed to monitor the counting of mail ballots in advance of Election Day (beginning on 10/27) and the casting of absentee ballots in-person at town offices in the 30 days before 11/3. Maine allows out of state poll watchers.

B. Voter Hotline and Mail Ballot Curing: This can be done remotely by anyone. 

Maine Voter Protection Sign-up Form


Michigan Priorities and Links
MI Priorities for Volunteers  

A. Early Vote Poll Observers: Early voting started on September 24. Michigan allows  out of state poll observers. sign up at

B. Election Day Poll Observers: Out of state observers can be poll watchers inside and outside of polling locations on election day. The greatest needs will be in Detroit/Wayne County, Flint, Saginaw, and college towns, Ann Arbor and East Lansing. sign up for training at

C. Voter protection volunteers:


Minnesota Priorities and Links
Issues/Priorities Needs:
A. Poll challengers (inside: must be a MN resident)
B. Outside observers/rovers (does not need to be a MN resident)
C. Canvassing Boards (county canvasses meet on either Nov. 12 or Nov. 13)

Minnesota Voter Protection Sign-up Form


North Carolina Priorities and Links
A. Chase/Cure phone bank/hotline:  Help people whose absentee ballots have been rejected. Doesn’t require a lawyer, but you need to be able to work through a lot of rules (long script) with individuals so that their ballot isn’t rejected again.  

B. Poll observers for early voting and election day: They expect lots of intimidation and really need people on the ground. Anyone from any state can be an outside poll watcher.  Need to be a NC voter to be a poll watcher inside the polls.

C. NC Voter Assistance Hotline:  Anyone from any state can do hotline calls. Note: If you have language skills to offer to NC, here is the link:

Pennsylvania Priorities and Links
A. Volunteer Recruitment Phone-banking:

B. Poll Observer:

C. Vote-Early Monitor:  For the first time, all PA voters will soon have the option to vote early in person at their county elections office by requesting, completing, and submitting a mail-in ballot. 

D. Canvass Observer:  The canvass is generally not open to the public, so voters count on select volunteer canvass observers like you to monitor the process and ensure all eligible votes are counted. Canvass Observers assist elections officials by watching for and reporting issues at their canvass site, stand up for voters if their mail votes are challenged, and report key information to our team.


South Carolina Links
Voter Protection Volunteers

Poll Watchers: (Tuesdays) (Thursdays) (Saturdays)

Boiler Room:

Hotline number: 1-855-785-0222


Texas Priorities and Links
A. Poll watchers – must be registered voter in the county. Need them for 254 counties. There will be 3 weeks of early voting this year, so they need watchers in each polling place for all three weeks, in addition to election day. There will be a 1-hour on-demand training and constant support. 

B. Phone banking to help recruit in-state poll watchers. Anyone from any state can participate in phone banking to identify and recruit poll watchers.

C. Long term projects – if you have a generous amount of time, they have many projects they could plug you into, especially if you have legal background.  Does not require Texas residency.

Voter Protection for Non-lawyers:

Voter Protection for lawyers:


Wisconsin Links
 Poll Observer Save the Date:

Protection Recruitment:

Full Time Assistance:

Poll Observer Save the Date:

Weekend of Action Voter Protection Recruitment (With Special Guest):

Poll Worker Info Session (For Wisconsin Residents Only):


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