North Carolina Report

At stake in NC, the election includes races for Governor (currently Roy Cooper, Democrat running for re-election…Republican contender is Dan Forest), Senator (currently Thom Tillis, Republican running for re-election…Democratic contender is Cal Cunningham)

Shows map of NC House Districts

Map of Congressional Districts in NC

North Carolina is also a swing state, even though it has a fairly consistent Republican lean. North Carolina’s white college-educated population share isn’t that much smaller than Virginia’s, but it has a larger share of white voters who don’t have a four-year degree. Additionally, North Carolina’s white voters are somewhat more Republican-leaning, and the state tends to be more rural than Virginia. (from 538 polls). Here is an article about the dramatic shift in NC to Red once GOP took control of the legislature. A look at what happened in 2010-12 when the GOP won a veto proof majority in the legislature and the governorship.

Current EBAA supported candidates are

Dr. Kimberly Hardy NC HD-43,, this is a hold, but the formerly reliable Democratic seat is going to be a challenge to hold after the redistricting. Up ballot this race impacts the race for Congressional District 8 where Pat Timmons-Goodson, and Congressional District 9 (currently GOP, Cynthia Wallace is the Dem. candidate, Dan McReady was the Dem. candidate in a special election to fill this seat when Meadows left to join the White House staff, so we do not have high hopes for a flip there) as well as statewide races for Governor and US Senator.

Dr. Virginia Cox-Daugherty, NC HD-12,, this is a heavy lift flip, D -7. It has been a low turnout area much like CA-21 with TJ Cox. If the campaign can generate a strong vote turnout will have major impact on the statewide races for Democrats as well as Congressional District 3, and could conceivably flip this back to Democratic control…undermined by gerrymandering and mentioned in the film Slay the Dragon (worth watching if you have not seen it, you can rent it on Amazon for a buck).

One voter registration group that is native to North Carolina is YouCanVote, They register and educate voters and have an excellent track record in that those who they register vote in higher numbers than the general population of registered voters.

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