Create Change in a Swing State from EBAA

The ask: Go to Virginia the weekend before the 11/5/19 election (or more days if they can).

Anyone interested in canvassing should contact Paul:

Phone: (571) 289-7298

Why canvassing?

It is the single most effective way to get people out to vote.

Why Virginia?

It’s the most important election in 2019 and a once-in-decade opportunity to undo gerrymandering thereby picking up U.S. congressional seats for a decade:

Our coalition (dozens of groups of 2000 volunteers) spent months doing data-based research on where we could have the most impact. Our coalition unanimously agreed that Virginia Beach in southern Virginia is the most strategic swing district in 2019.

Here’s why:

Republicans currently hold power in Virginia, but there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in this state.

In Virginia we can make major short-term and long-term gains:

  • we can flip the State

  • we can make an impact on the systemic issues that landed us where we are today by undoing gerrymandering and voter suppression laws

  • remember: the elections on November 5, 2019, will decide how electoral districts in Virginia are determined from 2020 to 2030

If we GOTV in Virginia, we can Flip the state House and Senate (totally possible- only need 2 seats!)

This is the most important election this year. We can change the dynamics of power in Virginia for a decade if we win on November 5th. But we have to get Democrats to vote in Virginia Beach. Our candidates are amazing and energized with fresh ideas. And they are asking us directly for help with canvassing. And we have a super organized canvassing captain, with whom Paul is working directly.

We know going to Virginia is a big ask, but it’s just one weekend, and if we win in Virginia, it will be by just a very small margin, and it will be because people like you made it happen.

Will you help us change the dynamics of power for the next decade by going to Virginia?

What are the logistical details?

  • Dates: It’s up to you! Whatever you can do will help. Suggested dates are 11/1 – 11/5, but just that final weekend (11/2-3) is fine too.

  • Flights: We fly into Norfolk. Paul can send you more info on flights.

  • Housing: Paul will help organize that for you, either to suggest a hotel near the campaign or find you free housing with local volunteers.

  • Safety: The neighborhoods are safe, we won’t send you anywhere not safe, and everyone gets a buddy.

  • What You’ll be Doing: You’ll be talking to Democratic supporters to help them vote (making a plan around voting, confirming their poll location, arranging transportation if needed, etc.)

  • Cost: If financial concerns are holding you back, let Paul know – we are gathering sponsors to fund canvassers. Don’t let money stop you – we will figure it out!

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