Minutes from our last official Sunday meeting

  1. We passed $45,000. Andy updated the thermometer with state races since so many of the Senate and House races are flush. These State races are focused on three states where Dems can flip state houses. If your friends are upset about today’s Supreme Court confirmation, send them the link to chip in. As the ruling from the Supreme Court today on voting demonstrates, we’ll need Dems at every level of government.
  2. People gave reports on their activities. Lots of enthusiasm about Flip the West for their easy-to-use phone banking and texting platforms. If anyone wants help getting active on the final weekend, let us know and we’ll help you find a phone bank buddy. Phone banking is the most needed activity from now on.
  3. Bruce gave out a link with State Strong California Indivisible info on Protect The Vote. Here it is again. Definitely worth looking at. If things go south we’ll meet Wednesday Nov 5th at 5:00 at our usual protest location. Please bring extra masks.
  4. We will gather on election eve, Nov 3rd at 7:00 pm for Andy’s analysis of the unfolding vote counting and general discussion. We’ll post a Zoom link before the event. Have wine handy.
  5. Gideon read Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech since amazingly Sunday was the 605th anniversary of the event. For any who missed it, private recitations can be arranged.
  6. THAT WAS OUR LAST REGULARLY SCHEDULED MEETING. Many thanks to those who attended, to those who have been with us at previous meetings and those who follow us via our website. As the Bard says,”This story ( of Elmwood Indivisible) shall the good man (and woman) teach his son (and daughter).

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