Abortion Resources

From Susie Buell’s email The Up-Rising

In this new section, we will share ways to locate and support abortion access. 

Find Abortion-Related Care and Support:

• See if abortion is currently accessible in your state. Center for Reproductive Rights
• Understand how to get an abortion. I Need an A
• How to have a safe self-managed abortion. Doctors Without Borders
• Get physician-supported medicated abortion care online. Abortion On Demand
• Find a Verified Abortion Provider. Abortion Finder 
• Access abortion pills. Plan C
• Find an abortion doula. DOPO Co-op 
• Receive emotional support during a medication abortion. Reprocare
• For answers to medical questions during an at-home miscarriage/abortion. Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline 
• Obtain financial assistance. National Network of Abortion Funds
• Receive help with child care, transportation, and other logistics. Apiary Collective 
• Get emergency contraception and get your birth control automated. Pandia Health 
• Find answers to your legal questions. Repro Legal Helpline 
• Obtain legal support if you’re a young person who needs an abortion without involving your parents. Judicial Bypass Wiki
• Digital Safety Tips: For People Seeking An Abortion. EFF
• Keep Your Abortion Private and Secure. Digital Defense Fund

Fund Abortion-Related Organizations:

• Support over 80 abortion funds nationwide. National Network of Abortion Funds
• Give to independent abortion clinics. Keep Our Clinics and Abortion Care Network
• Help abortion providers and patients by ordering needed items from their wish lists. Adopt-a-Clinic 
• Contribute to Your Local Abortion Fund. National Network of Abortion Funds
• Support direct service and social change strategies to promote unconditional support for people and their decisions relating to pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. All-Options
• Fund abortion travel services. Brigid Alliance
• Cover bail and defense for people who are investigated, arrested, or prosecuted for self-managed abortion. Repro Legal Defense Fund
• Fund accurate legal and medical information to help people who choose to self-manage their abortion. SASS – Self-Managed Abortion; Safe & Supported
• Support and uplift the leadership of people who have abortions. We Testify

Fight Back:

• Register to Vote. Vote.org
• Check your voter registration status: Rock the Vote
• Tell President Biden: Declare a public health & national emergency around abortion, & hire federal abortion providers. MoveOn
• Eliminate the undemocratic Senate filibuster. Common Cause
• Demand Congress Pass the Jones Court Expansion Bill. Indivisible
• Tell Your Senators: Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act. Democratic Coalition
• Say we should codify Roe v. Wade in California. Newsom for California
• Defeat the August 2nd Constitutional Amendment in Kansas. KCF
• Support Reproductive Liberty in Vermont. Reproductive Liberty Amendment     
• Fight Michigan’s antiquated abortion ban. Reproductive Freedom For All
• Keep abortion safe and legal in Kentucky. Protect Kentucky Access
• Give to 2022 candidates in toss-up races who have been endorsed by EMILY’s ListNARAL Pro-Choice America, or Planned Parenthood Action Fund(comprehensive list here)
• States to Save Roe. Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
• Volunteer to help build a digital abortion access support network. I Need an A
• Become a practical support volunteer. Apiary Collective
• Contribute to the F*ck Bans Action Plan: The Fight Back Fund. Vote Save America
• Know Your Protestors’ Rights. ACLU
• Become a Poll Worker. U.S. Election Assistance Commission
• Run for office. Emerge AmericaEMILY’s List, and Run for Something 
• Get involved in your community to protect abortion access. Defend Choice
• Stop the corporate funding of abortion bans. #ReproReceipts
• Support companies that stand against policies that hinder people’s health, independence, and ability to fully succeed in the workplace. Don’t Ban Equality
• Take the Pledge to Become an Abortion Advocate. The United States of Women
• Activate, educate, and mobilize male allies into the fight. Men4Choice
• Volunteer virtually for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood Action Fund
• Sign up to volunteer for NARAL. NARAL Pro-Choice America
• Attend an advocacy event near you. NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund
• Share your abortion story. Shout Your Abortion

For More Information:

• Read and share the Pro Choice Resource MasterpostHow to Show Up For Abortion Access, and Abortion.Cafe 
• Follow experts on social media like Dr. Jamila Perritt, President/CEO of Physicians for Reproductive HealthGretchen Sisson, PhD, a Sociologist at Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), based at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and Dr. Sophia Yen, CEO and Founder of Pandia Health, the only doctor-led, women-founded, and women-led birth control delivery company

Support the Filibuster Carve-out

Call our senators to see if you can get the staff on record as supporting the filibuster carve-out Biden announced today. Talking Points Memo (among others) is tracking the responses.

Padilla: 202-224-3553

Feinstein: 202-224-3841

FAX: in case no luck with phone 202-228-3954

Protest/Action today (June 24th)

For those of you who do not want to join the other protests (Oakland protest is 5:00 at Frank Ogawa Plaza), some of us are gathering at College and Ashby at 5:00 to distribute info about getting involved in elections. Join us if you are free and in the neighborhood.

Meeting Sunday June 19th, 4:00-5:00 (our house) Moving into Summer High Gear

Lots of juicy stuff to discuss, the CA primary, the fall of Sheriff Ahern, the hearings, and more! Andy will analyze the primary results (from several other states as well) then short presentations on readings will begin with Naomi on important book Politics is for Power by Eitan Hersh — everyone is invited to talk about something they have read recently on politics. 

Then we will discuss our action agenda, including canvassing plans. Hopefully the primary and the hearings will have motivated everyone to roll up their sleeves and get moving. Everyone welcome. 

NO meeting today (April 24th)

Due to Covid exposure concerns on top of other issues, we are cancelling our meeting for today. We will meet next Sunday May 8th for a gala re-charge for the election season. At the meeting we will celebrate the fact we helped get Mallory McMorrow elected in the first place (with Sister District), Bruce will lead a discussion of a complex political issue, Naomi will release her first Twelve Angry People production and Andy will look into his crystal ball to tell us about the future. Please stay safe during this period of continuing Covid challenges and collect your favorite slogans/memes/rants for our next meeting.

Postcards available in the Little Free Library and printed out Vote Forward letters on request. See everyone May 8th.

Notes from our Meeting, March 27, 2020

Thanks for a lively A+ meeting! Based on our spirited discussion of the current state of the world, we have decided to add to our usual plans (postcards, letters, etc.) a new level of action. [Postcards are available in our Little Free Library along with URLs to obtain addresses.] We are going to give social media a try—with the hopes of reaching younger voters.


  1. Watch the Lincoln Project ads at lincolnproject.us
  2. Check up on what Rachel Bitecofer is arguing at her PAC.
  3. Ask young people they thoughts about the most effective social media platforms and send in the results (either as a comment below or an email).

We will meet again on April 10th 4:00–5:00 for the next stage in unveiling our new action plan.

Twelve Angry Persons/People/Elders (name is in progress)

Meeting this Sunday March 27th, 4-5:00 pm

I have turned my Little Free Library into a political out-reach tool, loading the top shelf with postcards and posting info about how to get addresses. We’ll see how this goes.

Lots to talk about Sunday including the tragic war in Ukraine and its reverberations in American politics, Clarence Thomas’ problems, Supreme Court pandering to Republicans, and political activities from SisterDistrict, Indivisible and East Bay Activists Alliance.

Today’s Meeting Postponed

Due to a number of conflicts, today’s meeting is being postponed. We will meet again on Sunday, March 27th 4-5:00 pm. Meanwhile good luck to Judy with her move and if anyone wants to hear Andy’s presentation on his JStreet trip (Sunday, March 20th, 4:00 our house) please RSVP. Finally, here are some places to donate to support the Ukrainian people:


Razom for Ukraine

Credit card, SWIFT, check, crypto, PayPal Non-profit organization supporting the people of Ukraine in their pursuit of a democratic society https://razomforukraine.org/donate/ https://www.facebook.com/RazomForUkraine

International rescue committee

Credit card, PayPal, check

Crisis in Ukraine


Kyiv School of Economics humanitarian aid campaign

Credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, SWIFT, crypto

The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), together with Ukrainian businesses and state-owned companies, have launched a humanitarian aid campaign for Ukraine. The aim is to provide food supplies, transportation, refugees help for Ukrainian citizens affected by the war and purchase necessary medicines, first aid and protective kits for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian Paramedic Association, and the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces to shield them against Russian aggression.

Meeting Minutes for Feb 27, 2022

Thanks for a great meeting. Time to get to work. Next meeting Sunday March 13th 4-5:00

FIRST links to donate to help Ukraine

NGO that arranges life-saving equipment for Ukrainian soldiers: https://savelife.in.ua/en/donate

Hospitallers working at the frontline: https://www.facebook.com/hospitallers/posts/2953630548255167

NGO that assists internal refugeeshttps://unitedhelpukraine.org/

NGO that aids traumatised childrenhttps://voices.org.ua/en/

Foundation that assists healthcare and education in eastern Ukraine: https://razomforukraine.org/projects/zhadan/

NEXT Our three main political links discussed at the meeting

  1. https://sisterdistrict.com  The best site for info and links to help down state races in swing state. Check out the State Bridges programs on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm.

2  https://www.activateamerica.vote   Great site to find activities, get postcard addresses etc.

3. https://airlift.fund     We are fund-raising for this group. Find out more about them by attending one of their event such as March 15th event with the founder of Movement Voter Project. Encourage friends to donate.

We have also started writing Vote Forward letters. Let us know if you want to pick up postcards from our porch, get pre-printed Vote Forward letters, more QR codes for our thermometer, etc.

Andy will write on Israel separately. California political news: Bryan Osorio has abandoned his Congressional race in CA–22. Rudy Salas will be the Democrat against Valadao. Adam Gray is a State Assembly member trying to upgrade in Josh Harder’s former district (now CA–13). He’s a Conservadem. Phil Arballo, who formerly took on Devin Nunes, is also running and has the SEIU endorsement. Major effort is going into re-flipping the three SoCal seats: besides Valadao, Eric García, and Michelle Steele.

We also had a spirited conversation about the new leader of the Western world, former clown Volodymyr Zelensky. He is energizing resistance groups who want to strengthen democracies all over the world, including our group. Amazing to watch.