Down the ballot

The Democratic Senate candidates have all the money they need. Even professionals raising money for them say this.

Apparently, nearly all the Democratic House candidates have all the money they need. (By the way, the marvelous Alexandria Ocasio Cortez pointed out that Republican spite-giving has raised almost $10 million for her opponent, who will lose by 20, 30, maybe 50 points.)

So, Democratic institutions are looking further down the ballot, into the State Legislatures. I’ve received slates from Give Smart, Future is Female, and Daily Kos. Give Smart is only Wisconsin; the others are mostly North Carolina, Arizona, and Texas. Swing Left also has a page for North Carolina.

Rather than copy their slates, I have put the NC, TX, and AZ umbrella state organizations on our ActBlue page, along with a few non-legislative down ballot candidates. Of course, you can also donate through the links above and through the national DLCC.

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