A few additions to our minutes

  1. The website workelections.com is one-stop shopping for those who want to work on election day (or days in some states).
  2. Another good link to send to friends who want to help protect the election: Protecttheresults.com.
  3. Finally, some phone bank opportunities with Bill:

New or abiding aversion to phone banking? Get over it! (Seriously, we need callers.)
Thursday, September 24, 7-8PM phone bank training for newbies. RSVP.Wednesday, October 7, 7-8PM phone bank training for newbies. RSVP.Ready to call? Support Dr. Kimberly Hardy on SaturdaysRSVP.North Carolina Flip Dr. Virginia Cox-Daugherty on ThursdaysRSVPSunday, September 20, 3-5PM for North Carolina. RSVPThursday, October 8, 3-5PM for North Carolina. RSVP

Another change:

Wed Sep 1604:00 PM Evans|FrenchArizonaRSVP 


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