Minutes from Sept. 13 meeting

Every day that goes by is one more that Trump has been unable to change the election direction: Biden is ahead in polls, in swing state polls, and the Democrats are expanding the Congressional map. We have learned more details about Trump’s plans for martial law and combatting the “insurrection” that would follow an unjustified declaration of victory. My presentation is uploaded here.

We had a good poll (I admit, I am a little skeptical) for Joyce Elliott in Arkansas–02. Her web site. This isn’t a race with up-and-down-the-ballot potential, though.

All types of action items from Indivisible.

Indivisible’s texting schedule (from Judy).

If you want to join in on a letter-writing party Saturday, get in touch with Sally.

Help with texting? Karen volunteers to help, or Judy.

Bill promises some links to phone banks in a separate post.

Keep your spirits up. The thermometer is at almost $25,000.

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