Time to Shift from Mourning at Action

  1. We raced by $25,000 and will probably cross $30,000 today! Keep sending our link to friends–everyone is in the mood to donate.
  2. Ann O. had lots of good suggestions for new phrases for Vote Forward letters. Highlight the election date and if you want more suggestions for phrases, email me.
  3. Andy added a race to our list based on his updated analysis. We now have a link for Greenfield in the Iowa senate race. Some new interesting house race info–he’ll send out some info today or tomorrow.
  4. I have lots of “buddy” offers so if you want to turn your new anger into a new form of action, feel free to email me. Scroll down to previous posts for lots of good links to actions.
  5. Thanks to the many of you who are picking up postcards and letters from my porch (nearing 1,000 letters today). The TJ Cox campaign sent a lovely thank you for all the postcards. That race is neck-and-neck so every postcard is important.
  6. Finally, a FUN EVENT for vote forward tomorrow late afternoon with

 Lin-Manuel Miranda from Hamilton

When: The kickoff event is on Monday (9/21) at 7:30 pm ET/4:30 pm PT
RSVP using this link: https://www.mobilize.us/votefwd/event/319667/?utm_source=lmm-referral

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