Minutes from our August 30th meeting

We are a bit slow posting these since yesterday was Andy’s birthday. Here goes

  1. The bulk of the meeting was devoted to Andy’s analysis of the keys races for a minimum Biden win. The maps and the analysis is posted below so everyone can scroll down to review all the info. Bottom line: we are focusing on the electoral college and what Biden needs to win– this means North Carolina (we added a House race to our two down-ballot races), Florida (we added House race FL 15), Arizona ( we are already supporting Evans there) and Nebraska (Nebraska?! Yes–one electoral college vote is within reach, so we added Eastman there). To add these we dropped T.J. Cox (we’ve done lots for him) and Rita Hart from Iowa (everyone is free to send support directly to her).
  2. Bill gave a great overview of our North Carolina races (he since posted several links which can be found below). Phone banks and postcards available for all.
  3. Judy updated us on the VITAL VINNIE race. Support links posted below.
  4. I went over some action items to support these four states. Lots of good Florida letters available with Vote Forward (votefwd.org). Unlike, postcards, these letters (and voters) are tracked so we get info back from each one. Anyone who wants to level up to new actions, please send me an email and I’ll get you a buddy or set you up with letters, etc. We have postcards on our porch. And our stamp hint is: try the Orinda postoffice!
  5. Nice to see Babette again and congrats on the huge stack of postcards she and Bruce are sending off for Reclaim Our Vote (Bruce has info on this group if anyone want it).
  6. Finally, Andy and I will match new donations on our website up to $10,000 so send around the link and have your friends donate.

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