Minutes of the May 10 meeting

Many of us were coming from the last-minute phone bank for Christy Smith (CA-25). If the race is close when the results as of Tuesday night are known, we are in good shape. If not… The process was smoother than in previous campaigns, although Naomi said the instructions from an earlier session run by Swing Left San Francisco were better.

Action Items

  1. Phone Bank for Arizona, May 17, 1:00–3:00. Organized by Indivisible East Bay. We are encouraging voters to apply for vote-by-mail status.
  2. Flip the West also have virtual text banks and phone banks. And so do Swing Left.
  3. We have lots of postcards and stamps. I will be putting up some sort of thermometer, and people can report back to me how many they have written.
  4. Bruce reported that Vote Forward finds letters increase voter turnout by four points. You can get their letters at the link.

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