Minutes from July 5 meeting

Most of the meeting was discussion of Indivisible Elmwood endorsements. I presented a chart.

We eliminated the strikeouts, either as too much of a long shot, or because we think we will be just as effective supporting down-ballot races in the same jurisdiction. (Since the meeting, Bullock and Cunningham reported enormous cash hauls, making up significant deficits relative to Team COVID.) We will make a final decision at the next meeting. Current prospects are in yellow background. Bollier may be added if Kobach is her opponent.

Current polling is, of course, favorable. Here is an Internet op-ed from the WaPo pointing out conventional wisdom in April and May was that Trump had reached his nadir, but fell further. If the coronavirus picks up in the Sun Belt, which looks very plausible right now, even Trump’s current support could weaken.

In other meeting news, Bruce reported that the Movement Voter Project was favorably impressed with donations that came in through Indivisible Elmwood links. And Judy spoke favorable of Alameda Supervisor candidate Vinnie Bacon: much better on law and justice than the conservative competitor. We’ll be hearing more about him, too.

Minutes of the May 10 meeting

Many of us were coming from the last-minute phone bank for Christy Smith (CA-25). If the race is close when the results as of Tuesday night are known, we are in good shape. If not… The process was smoother than in previous campaigns, although Naomi said the instructions from an earlier session run by Swing Left San Francisco were better.

Action Items

  1. Phone Bank for Arizona, May 17, 1:00–3:00. Organized by Indivisible East Bay. We are encouraging voters to apply for vote-by-mail status.
  2. Flip the West also have virtual text banks and phone banks. And so do Swing Left.
  3. We have lots of postcards and stamps. I will be putting up some sort of thermometer, and people can report back to me how many they have written.
  4. Bruce reported that Vote Forward finds letters increase voter turnout by four points. You can get their letters at the link.

Minutes for the 4/26 meeting

  • Bruce: Report on Indivisible Berkeley and National. We officially endorse Joe Biden, as we committed to endorse the nominee. There was a request to find Nancy Pelosi’s and Dianne Feinstein’s fax numbers. Feinstein’s DC office: (202) 228-3954. Interestingly, Pelosi does not put a fax number on her website, but I find one on a right-wing site urging people to show her the error of her ways.  (202) 225-8259
  • Judy: The action item for the Board of Supervisors meeting is below. [There appears to be an agendum on this same Santa Rita money grab at the Berkeley City Council meeting, where I suspect the outcome is not in doubt —Andy]
  • Bill: EBAA now up to seven interns. Review of Michigan races. More here.
  • Naomi: All quiet on the Tony the Democrat front. We are out of Christy Smith (CA-25) addresses. We have to get ready for texting and phone banking. Bill reported that phone bank volunteers report people are less annoyed at getting calls now that they are shut in. Naomi got help from Commit to Flip Blue for texting training.
  • Andy: A book report on Hiding in Plain Sight. I found the book disappointing in some ways. The two strongest points are the first-person narrative of living through what I call the adjunctification of the economy, where careers are replaced by a sequence of low-paid, no-benefit gigs. Also, what wealth Millennials are able to accumulate is wiped out by student loans and by the loss of their savings and upward transfer of wealth in the aftermath of the 2008 bank collapse. The second strong point is the importance of keeping track of what was once abnormal that becomes normal. The most egregious example may be the unprecedented role of failson Jared and Ivanka. Their presence anywhere near levers of policy show that America is not a meritocracy. I promised links to several articles which I thought showed a more sophisticated understanding. Those will follow. (I am glad to lend out the book to anyone interested.)