This is It: Agenda for today’s shortened meeting 5:00-5:30 after Phone banking

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Meeting ID: 818 1454 0379
Password: 081536

This is it. What we are doing today is what we are going to do in the future. Given that, how do we organize and map our efforts?

  1. Postcards. We have 1000 postcards in our living room. Distribution ideas. Andy’s comments on the most important campaigns.
  2. Texting. Did Committoflip help? What else can we do to get those who want to text, texting?
  3. Phone calling. The psychology of letting it ring. How did today go and who wants more for the future?
  4. Letter writing (including Indivisible’s support). Should we have a group goal?
  5. Fundraising. Time to shift our website campaign. What next?

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