Meet Lylah S., our intern in Virginia Beach.

  • Lylah S., a rising junior at UC Davis, is dedicating her summer to volunteer full-time for Alex Askew!
  • Lylah is working with the political campaigns of Alex Askew (primary focus), Cheryl Turpin, and Nancy Guy in the Virginia Beach area. She arrived there on Tuesday. Her flights took longer than expected but she arrived in VA in good spirits and ready to work. She started at noon on Wednesday.  The campaigns will share office space. They were opening that space this week. They expect to have internet service operational on Monday, 7/15. Lylah has landed in the middle of this and his helping as they need here in setting up the space.
    She is also working on call lists for Alex and Cheryl. She has been verifying phone numbers. They told her that “quantity is more important than quality at this point.” She has had a chance to observe Cheryl making calls to donors, and this way knows what is done with the numbers she verifies. She is staying with Robin and is impressed with how nice everyone is

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