Postcards really can make a difference!

Check out the latest from Tony the Democrat, below:

Turn Florida Blue with Vote By Mail

One year ago, Postcards to Voters tested a new postcard-writing campaign to encourage registered Democrats in 5 Florida counties to enroll in their Vote By Mail program.  Once enrolled, they would receive a ballot in the mail for every single election for which they were eligible to vote.  For four years!

Plenty of evidence shows that voters who are mailed ballots are much more likely to participate than those who aren’t mailed ballots.  So, we conducted a pilot effort and measured the results.  The findings were overwhelmingly convincing.  You can read the analysis by clicking HERE. So Postcards to Voters announced a mission to write to the entire state in time for the 2020 Presidential election.  We have more than a year to finish all 67 counties. But we can’t wait until the last minute. CLICK to learn about the current Pinellas County, Florida, effort.

And if you’re ready to help writing to Democrats in Florida not already enrolled in Vote By Mail: 

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