Notes from our Meeting

Thanks for a fun and productive meeting everyone.

  1. We are more than half way to reaching our $2,000 goal to support “our” three races in Virginia this November (our Quiet Evening at Home brought in $1,200 in the end!). Everyone can watch our progress on the thermometer Andy is pinning at the top of our site and can encourage friends and family to contribute.
  2. To help reach our goal we are planning a special event at the Grodin’s on Saturday August 24th with two parts, first an Origami lesson led by Anne Overton with refreshments (1:00-3:30, limited to 20) and then a sale of original prints created and donated by Janet Grodin (3:30-5:00, everyone welcome). We will put together an invite for everyone to send to their friends and a list of tasks for the event.
  3. Jane was out canvassing for Harder on Saturday and told us about the improved democratic party app –which has some glitches. Good for her for being a test case for fixing it!
  4. Bruce asked if we are ready to sign our group up as an official participants in the next stage of Indivisible planning and events, (starting in September) and we gave him the official OK. Bruce also gave us the results from a survey done after the debate and he will post them as one of his Thursday posting. Indivisible is not going to endorse in the primary (at least not for the foreseeable future).
  5. We gave out postcards with our new logo. Those who need addresses and can’t get them on their own, email me. Time to start those pens flowing again.
  6. At our next meeting we are going to finalize our plans for our August 24th event and then discuss 1) which groups are doing good jobs fighting gerrymandering and deserve our support and 2) I will share the new app I have been encouraging students to download which has info about where/when to vote and also gives the voting records of the your contacts. We started a lively conversation about the pros and cons of this type of app and will continue it next meeting.
  7. Our next meeting is in two weeks July 28th, 4:30-5:45. NOTE: The following meeting will not be until Sunday August 25th (due to our family vacation).

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