Time to Shift from Mourning at Action

  1. We raced by $25,000 and will probably cross $30,000 today! Keep sending our link to friends–everyone is in the mood to donate.
  2. Ann O. had lots of good suggestions for new phrases for Vote Forward letters. Highlight the election date and if you want more suggestions for phrases, email me.
  3. Andy added a race to our list based on his updated analysis. We now have a link for Greenfield in the Iowa senate race. Some new interesting house race info–he’ll send out some info today or tomorrow.
  4. I have lots of “buddy” offers so if you want to turn your new anger into a new form of action, feel free to email me. Scroll down to previous posts for lots of good links to actions.
  5. Thanks to the many of you who are picking up postcards and letters from my porch (nearing 1,000 letters today). The TJ Cox campaign sent a lovely thank you for all the postcards. That race is neck-and-neck so every postcard is important.
  6. Finally, a FUN EVENT for vote forward tomorrow late afternoon with

 Lin-Manuel Miranda from Hamilton

When: The kickoff event is on Monday (9/21) at 7:30 pm ET/4:30 pm PT
RSVP using this link: https://www.mobilize.us/votefwd/event/319667/?utm_source=lmm-referral

A few additions to our minutes

  1. The website workelections.com is one-stop shopping for those who want to work on election day (or days in some states).
  2. Another good link to send to friends who want to help protect the election: Protecttheresults.com.
  3. Finally, some phone bank opportunities with Bill:

New or abiding aversion to phone banking? Get over it! (Seriously, we need callers.)
Thursday, September 24, 7-8PM phone bank training for newbies. RSVP.Wednesday, October 7, 7-8PM phone bank training for newbies. RSVP.Ready to call? Support Dr. Kimberly Hardy on SaturdaysRSVP.North Carolina Flip Dr. Virginia Cox-Daugherty on ThursdaysRSVPSunday, September 20, 3-5PM for North Carolina. RSVPThursday, October 8, 3-5PM for North Carolina. RSVP

Another change:

Wed Sep 1604:00 PM Evans|FrenchArizonaRSVP 


Quick Labor Day Update

  1. We flew past $20,000! Our new goal is $25,000. Thanks to all and keep sending the links to friends.
  2. We have free Black Lives Matter signs. Just send us an email if you want one.
  3. Our letter-writers have now prepared 680 letters. Email me if you want letters printed or want to learn how to print your own or if you need addresses for postcards.
  4. Quick Andy update: Trump folds on Arizona, Gross pulls even in Alaska (in one poll) and Alan Cohn reported that they have a very active Get-Out-The Vote campaign. Finally: The postmaster’s address will change after January–probably will be behind bars!

Minutes from our August 30th meeting

We are a bit slow posting these since yesterday was Andy’s birthday. Here goes

  1. The bulk of the meeting was devoted to Andy’s analysis of the keys races for a minimum Biden win. The maps and the analysis is posted below so everyone can scroll down to review all the info. Bottom line: we are focusing on the electoral college and what Biden needs to win– this means North Carolina (we added a House race to our two down-ballot races), Florida (we added House race FL 15), Arizona ( we are already supporting Evans there) and Nebraska (Nebraska?! Yes–one electoral college vote is within reach, so we added Eastman there). To add these we dropped T.J. Cox (we’ve done lots for him) and Rita Hart from Iowa (everyone is free to send support directly to her).
  2. Bill gave a great overview of our North Carolina races (he since posted several links which can be found below). Phone banks and postcards available for all.
  3. Judy updated us on the VITAL VINNIE race. Support links posted below.
  4. I went over some action items to support these four states. Lots of good Florida letters available with Vote Forward (votefwd.org). Unlike, postcards, these letters (and voters) are tracked so we get info back from each one. Anyone who wants to level up to new actions, please send me an email and I’ll get you a buddy or set you up with letters, etc. We have postcards on our porch. And our stamp hint is: try the Orinda postoffice!
  5. Nice to see Babette again and congrats on the huge stack of postcards she and Bruce are sending off for Reclaim Our Vote (Bruce has info on this group if anyone want it).
  6. Finally, Andy and I will match new donations on our website up to $10,000 so send around the link and have your friends donate.

Action Items and Links

Agenda includes Andy’s report on what not to fear, Bill’s update on North Carolina candidates and Naomi’s report on how we are doing with our goals and some highlights from Judy and Bruce.

Check out how well our fund-raising is going!! We are nearing our goals so send the link around to your friends to take us over the top.

  1. Link for meeting Sunday August 30, 4:30-5:30

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 895 188 2414
Passcode: 945908

2. I have extra Black Lives Matter signs. Email me and I’ll put one for you on the porch.

3. Don’t forget our gathering for Vinnie Bacon Saturday August 29th 6:00 pm

Our very own post-convention bounce (in action and fund-raising)

  1. All California voters will automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot this year. If you want to track your ballot, Where’s My Ballot? is a new service in California to track your ballot. Register online and opt in for email, phone, or text notifications. https://california.ballottrax.net/voter/
  2. Bill has some phone-banking opportunities for this weekend.

This week there is one for North Carolina, Hardy, on Saturday, from 11:00 to 1:00. Here is the link https://actionnetwork.org/events/ebaa-phonebanking-for-north-carolina-82220/     I think that next week this changes to Sundays at the same time. Will double check as it is finalized.
There is one for Julia Pulver, “The Damn Nurse,” in Michigan 39 on Sunday, from 1:00 to 3:00. Here is the link https://actionnetwork.org/events/ebaa-virtual-phonebank-michigan-sundays-with-scott-miller-82320/    This is every week.

3.We are nearing our half-way point in fund-raising. Hurrah! Keep those donations coming.

4. Need some postcard action? I have some TJ Cox addresses.

5. Looking for a buddy to take action with? Send me an email and I’ll find you one.

Quick Update

1. Andy is working on a chart of our group goals. Thanks to those of you who emailed your goals to me–if you want yours included, email me by the weekend when Andy will post his new handy-dandy visual aid of just how ambitious we all are. Goals can include how many postcards you plan to write, how many letters, how many texts or phone calls or specific campaigns or outreach activities you want to be involved in.

2. I have ten weather-proof Black Lives Matter signs for anyone in our group who wants one. Just drop me an email.

3. Our fund-raising is off to a great start! We blew past $2,500 and are now heading to $5,000.

4. Need help with moving forward with letters, postcards, texts? Drop me an email and I’ll get you a buddy or help you myself.

Quick Update

A full set of minutes from our meeting today will be posted tomorrow (thanks to everyone for a great meeting!). Remember to send me an email (when you are ready) with your 100 Days Goals. How many postcards, letters, texts and phone calls will you try to make before election day? Andy will set up a goal chart which is an anonymous total so everyone gets credit for everything we do!

Meanwhile I want to respond to Judy’s questions about our donation strategies. Please take from this what is useful to you and discard the rest.

For the lowest tier on local state and house races, $100 is fabulous and less is very, very helpful. For the next tier, we will give a big chunk to our two main House races (Cox and Hart) since their expenses are on a different scale. In addition, smaller donations to (hard to turn them down when they call):
Galvin (Alaska) (she plays bridge!)

Mucarsel-Powell (FL)
Brzozowski (IL)
Kunkel (WV) (slightly less hopeless than Swearingen)
Swearingen (WV) (hopeless but a left candidate)
Vazquez (FL)
Imam (TX) (software engineer so Andy had to donate)
Torres-Small (NM) (this is important race)
Lombard (KS)
Driskell (MI)
Hoadley (MI)
Tipernini (AZ) (out of nostalgia)
Stevens (MI)
Dirksen Londrigan (IL)
Hicks (KY)
Goroff (NY)

(early in the cycle we gave small donations to Underwood and Ortiz-Jones but they are well-funded now, same with Harder)

Senate: Main donations to our candidates Gross and Ossoff, token donations to Jordan in Idaho since she is a Native American, Bullock, Greenfield and Bollier.

Quick update

At our meeting this Sunday at 4:30 we’ll finalize our slate.

Meanwhile, I have lots of T.J. Cox addresses for anyone who wants some. Postcards on the porch. Email me for addresses.

Click here for Day of Action for T. J.

Finally, we will be swapping in a new campaign for our thermometer so let’s do a final push for our two North Carolina candidates before our meeting.