Notes from our Meeting, March 27, 2020

Thanks for a lively A+ meeting! Based on our spirited discussion of the current state of the world, we have decided to add to our usual plans (postcards, letters, etc.) a new level of action. [Postcards are available in our Little Free Library along with URLs to obtain addresses.] We are going to give social media a try—with the hopes of reaching younger voters.


  1. Watch the Lincoln Project ads at
  2. Check up on what Rachel Bitecofer is arguing at her PAC.
  3. Ask young people they thoughts about the most effective social media platforms and send in the results (either as a comment below or an email).

We will meet again on April 10th 4:00–5:00 for the next stage in unveiling our new action plan.

Twelve Angry Persons/People/Elders (name is in progress)

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