Meeting Minutes for Feb 27, 2022

Thanks for a great meeting. Time to get to work. Next meeting Sunday March 13th 4-5:00

FIRST links to donate to help Ukraine

NGO that arranges life-saving equipment for Ukrainian soldiers:

Hospitallers working at the frontline:

NGO that assists internal refugees

NGO that aids traumatised children

Foundation that assists healthcare and education in eastern Ukraine:

NEXT Our three main political links discussed at the meeting

  1.  The best site for info and links to help down state races in swing state. Check out the State Bridges programs on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm.

2   Great site to find activities, get postcard addresses etc.

3.     We are fund-raising for this group. Find out more about them by attending one of their event such as March 15th event with the founder of Movement Voter Project. Encourage friends to donate.

We have also started writing Vote Forward letters. Let us know if you want to pick up postcards from our porch, get pre-printed Vote Forward letters, more QR codes for our thermometer, etc.

Andy will write on Israel separately. California political news: Bryan Osorio has abandoned his Congressional race in CA–22. Rudy Salas will be the Democrat against Valadao. Adam Gray is a State Assembly member trying to upgrade in Josh Harder’s former district (now CA–13). He’s a Conservadem. Phil Arballo, who formerly took on Devin Nunes, is also running and has the SEIU endorsement. Major effort is going into re-flipping the three SoCal seats: besides Valadao, Eric García, and Michelle Steele.

We also had a spirited conversation about the new leader of the Western world, former clown Volodymyr Zelensky. He is energizing resistance groups who want to strengthen democracies all over the world, including our group. Amazing to watch.

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