Celebration and On to Virginia!

At our meeting tomorrow we will raise a glass (or two) to the Recall Defeat (Hurrah!!!) and turn to Virginia. Winning is lots of fun — it is time to get into high gear for Virginia so we win there as well. At our meeting this weekend (Sunday Sept 19 4:00-5:00) Andy will give his analysis of the Recall vote, we’ll have updates on other projects and we’ll organize the push for Virginia (our thermometer, letters and the hundreds of postcards we have ready to be filled out). Spirits liquid and otherwise provided.

A Big Weekend This Weekend

Saturday 2-3 on Zoom, meet Brian Osorio, Mayor of Delano now running again Valadao in Congressional District 21


Saturday 3-4 join Janice for the closing of her art show at the Moss Galley, next to the Elmwood Theater

Sunday 4-5 our next Indivisible Elmwood meeting at our house. Agenda: update on voting rights with next steps, update on the meeting with Osorio and update on Virginia and special update from Bill about the intern program in Virginia. Lots to discuss and some action items.

Agenda for our Working Meeting

Sunday June 6th 4:00-5:15 pm

We’ll get to work on our three goals:

  1. Helping protect our wins in Virginia and flipping the 59th District House seat.
  2. Pushing Senate Bill 1 and other forms of voter protection
  3. Flipping CA Congressional District 21 back to blue in 2022

4:00–4:15 Andy update on the Virginia races and request for Indivisible Elmwood to fund one Virginia intern

4:15–4:30 Zoom visit with Candidate Dr. Ben Moses

4:30–4:45 Update on how to support Senate Bill 1 and voter protection

4:45–5:00 Update on Ca Congressional District 21 Race

5:00–5:15 Reviews of actions to take until the next meeting

Roll up your sleeves and join us. Bring a friend.

Next Steps:

We fought the Trump abomination from College and Ashby and we won!

Thanks to those of you who joined us for a discussion about the future of our group. Here are the main points from our meeting:

  1. We will need some time to find and digest all the analysis that will take place of what exactly happened in November and which actions were most useful. Everyone is interested in building up a progressive ground game in the swing states.
  2. Meanwhile, the website is useful so it will stay in operation. Andy will continue to post his analysis and everyone else is welcome to post any and all information and updates. If you want to post and can’t, Andy can give you permission. Just email him.
  3. Meetings are on a hiatus. We’ll resume at some time in the future when we have a clearer idea of what we (that means all of us) want to take up next.
  4. Congratulations to Sally Brooks for winning our “Guess how much we raised” contest. We have three terrific pieces of political swag for you.
  5. Finally, THINK GEORGIA. Donate via EBAA to Voter Movement Project (supports 13 grass roots groups in Georgia, not tax deductible) and to Stacey Abrams’ tax-deductible project Fair Count.


In addition to all the links that Andy has posted below, anyone who wants to write postcards should get in touch with Bill for names and addresses (give him a few days to get some) at bmarth50@gmail.com. Email me if you want some of our leftover cards. Tons of people will be trying to get Georgia addresses for postcards so I encourage everyone to think about Vote Forward letters, phone banking and texting. Donating to the groups that build ground game is a really good idea, as we learned so vividly this election.

Quick Update

  1. Please note that Andy changed our gathering time Tuesday to 6:00 pm–bring dinner or drinks or both. Here is the link: Join Zoom Meeting
  2. Check out our final $$ total. Amazing!
  3. Just got off a phone bank to Florida–helped a 91 year-old Biden voter figure out that what she thought was a mail-in ballot is really a request for a ballot and she can vote early today and tomorrow in her county. Lots of confused voters out there. Hope everyone is jumping in where they can and staying sane.

Minutes from our last official Sunday meeting

  1. We passed $45,000. Andy updated the thermometer with state races since so many of the Senate and House races are flush. These State races are focused on three states where Dems can flip state houses. If your friends are upset about today’s Supreme Court confirmation, send them the link to chip in. As the ruling from the Supreme Court today on voting demonstrates, we’ll need Dems at every level of government.
  2. People gave reports on their activities. Lots of enthusiasm about Flip the West for their easy-to-use phone banking and texting platforms. If anyone wants help getting active on the final weekend, let us know and we’ll help you find a phone bank buddy. Phone banking is the most needed activity from now on.
  3. Bruce gave out a link with State Strong California Indivisible info on Protect The Vote. Here it is again. Definitely worth looking at. If things go south we’ll meet Wednesday Nov 5th at 5:00 at our usual protest location. Please bring extra masks.
  4. We will gather on election eve, Nov 3rd at 7:00 pm for Andy’s analysis of the unfolding vote counting and general discussion. We’ll post a Zoom link before the event. Have wine handy.
  5. Gideon read Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech since amazingly Sunday was the 605th anniversary of the event. For any who missed it, private recitations can be arranged.
  6. THAT WAS OUR LAST REGULARLY SCHEDULED MEETING. Many thanks to those who attended, to those who have been with us at previous meetings and those who follow us via our website. As the Bard says,”This story ( of Elmwood Indivisible) shall the good man (and woman) teach his son (and daughter).

In the Mail!

Andy and I drove to the burbs and greatly enjoyed mailing all the letters there. What a great group effort.

Also, as always, our thermometer is on the rise. Now nearing $45,000.

Thanks to everyone for all the work going on and we look forward to seeing everyone next weekend. Meanwhile, if you need help getting active, please let us know.

Quick update

  1. The final batch of postcards arrived. Tony the Dem has a good campaign for Jon Ossoff so stop by and get the cards while they are hot — let’s finish them off supporting Jon O. Let me know if you need help with getting addresses etc. We are out of Julie Oliver addresses so this will be our focus and probably our last postcard campaign.
  2. We passed $35,000 and are heading to $40,000. Encourage nervous friends to donate instead of complain.
  3. Need a buddy? Karen and Judy are busy texting and ready to help. Bill can talk you through phone-bank anxiety. Be ready to switch actions when it is too late to postcard or letter.
  4. Finally, reminder about Votefwd from Sally. Look for the campaigns marked with the P inside the circle. Those are the Priority campaigns and go to Dem voters.