Meeting This Sunday, March 1st

  1. We’ll start 4:00-4:30 with a texting lesson from Karen and Dan. Please bring your laptops.
  2. The Agenda: Andy will bring us up to date on politics and races, Ann will present a new campaign for pro-voting posters for Telegraph Ave., Naomi will lead a discussion about what campaign to fundraise for next, Bill will update us on the Intern program and Bruce will report on Invisible. Followed by postcarding for a very important Wisconsin Supreme court election.
  3. Want to prepare for the meeting? Let’s try to finish off our $2,000 for T.J. Cox by raising the last bit–$300. If you have not sent around a Giving Circle email, this is a great time. Or pass on our lovely QR code cards to nervous nellies and tell them donating calms the nerves. Then dust off your laptop and get out a good pen. Stamps always welcome.

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