Reading List, Feb 26

Today seemed like a heavy news day.

At a time we need people with courage, Disney/ABC shows an unusual amount of cowardice. Project Veritas taped one of their reporters saying he was a socialist who supported Medicare for All. No sign of bias in his work, but he’s suspended and taken off the politics beat.

Maybe his real sin was saying Good Morning America now just spent its time shilling other Disney products and that news was secondary to viewership and advertising throughout.

Paul Waldman in WaPo; Dan Froomkin in his own newsletter.

Also on the journalism front, Trump filed a frivolous lawsuit against The NY Times over their op-ed asserting Trump and Russia work towards a common purpose. Of course, the lawsuit will be dismissed immediately on multiple grounds, and, ironically, if for some bizarre reason it is allowed to proceed, the Trump Crime Family will fold as soon as the Times’ lawyers ask to depose Don Jr., Trump, and others who were able to evade the Mueller Grand Jury. One theory is it is just part of the ongoing War on Truth, to show that everyone lies. I tend to doubt that, not when the suit will be dismissed quickly. I think it’s to prepare us for more such suits after Trump has corrupted the judiciary. Bogus libel judgments were used to end the Free Press in Turkey, Hungary, Malaysia, and other autocracies. But Trump is out over his skis, still, here.

And two articles that Bernie isn’t the electoral disastercthat the Punditocracy claims. Salon. Local guy Robert Reich in WaPo. Keep an eye out for moderate House and Senate candidates trying to wiggle away from him. We lose more votes from the picture of disloyalty and disunity than from the alleged extremism of Medicare for All. And Castro? Obama said the same limited positive compliments of Cuba and no one cared.

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