Postcarding for Virginia

Posting this for Noemi:

On Naomi’s porch are TWO sets of postcards: Askew-specific postcards for Askew, and generic postcards for Nancy Guy. Please work on one set at a time. We have one set of alphabetical names and addresses for each. I will send them to you in sections, e.g. Askew A-C, depending on how many you want.

We will send out images of the Askew and Turpin cards with the addresses. The wording has to be exactly what is in the Askew cards in the image. We’re not doing Turpin yet; this is just how the images came. Nancy Guy will use the same format. Askew is House of Delegates – District 85 (see his postcard) while Guy is House of Delegates – District 83. (Normally I would use the abbreviation HD, but I’m going by our Askew example.)

Do not address these to generic voters; they are going to specific people who haven’t voted yet. Do not affix stamps! We will send the stamps as part of the package of postcards we’re sending to Virginia. Bring your finished postcards with your loose stamps (if you don’t have stamps, we’ll donate ours) to the meeting at Naomi and Andy’s on October 6.

If you can’t make that meeting, put them through Naomi and Andy’s door slot on or before October 6. (We don’t want completed postcards mixed up with blank postcards on Naomi and Andy’s porch.)

Again, use Askew-specific postcards for Askew: generic postcards for Nancy Guy. Keep them separated! Do not affix stamps; just include loose stamps with your postcards. Do not put completed postcards back in the box. Bring them to the meeting or put them through the door slot. Deadline is Sunday, October 6. Thanks, Noemi

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