Minutes of 9/22/19 Meeting




Gerrymandering – Bruce will post information about this.

Voter Suppression – Andy discusses the ways various states are making it difficult for people to register to vote. Wisconsin has a Voter ID card but makes it nearly impossible to get. In Georgia you can get something at the DMV office but there are no DMV offices in Atlanta. Some states are using felon disenfranchisement to prevent people from voting, and some legislatures are trying to overturn voter initiati ves that limit disenfranchisement. In some cases having the same name as a convicted felon can trigger this.
Steve says good places working on voter suppression in case you want to give some money: The Brennan Center at NYU, the ACLU, and Campaign Legal Center. Abrams in Georgia and Gillum in Florida are working on this, too, but their websites are skeletal.
Naomi says The Future is Female is working on the Senate rather than the House.

Action Items:

We finished the last postcards. Sister District is requesting a final push on the three campaigns in Virginia. Sister District will have very specific instructions for these. They will be on Naomi and Andy’s porch, but don’t start these until Noemi and/or Jeff post the instructions. They will make Tony the Democrat’s instructions look like a piece of cake, but we’ll need all of you we can get on this. The deadline for returning these is our next meeting, October 6.

If you want to fax representatives, Naomi and Andy have a fax machine you can take advantage of. You can also text RESIST to 50409 (note: Noemi tried that and was able to send only to her own rep and senators).

Future Actions:

We’re waiting for Lauren Underwood to get back with us about a fundraiser.

Steve says a WaPo study says it’s most effective to target districts that the Democrats won.

Bruce says SB1 has still not been signed or vetoed by Governor Newsom.

Michael Altschul is giving out cards saying “Elmwood Indivisible invites you to support democracy” if you want to pass some of those to your neighbors.

Next Sunday is a dim sum event. Naomi will post info about this.

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