Urge Governor Newsom: Drop your threatened SB-1 veto!

The California Indivisible statewide call Wednesday emphasized an urgent need for phone calls to Gavin Newsom from as many Indivisible members as possible asking him to abandon his announced plan to veto SB-1. The bill, authored by Senate President pro Tem Toni Atkins, would ensure California’s authority to preserve our clean air, clean water, biodiversity and safe workplaces in the face of unprecedented threats and rollbacks from the Trump administration. On Friday, Newsom signaled he was giving in to big agriculture and other SB-1 opponents.  Multiple environmental groups, including the NDRC, Nature Conservancy, and the Sierra Club are urging him to reverse course, and with enough additional flak from Indivisibles, he might just do that. So…

Call Governor Newsom’s office at  (916) 445-2841 and insist that he sign SB-1 and not veto it! 

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