Take Action Today: Action Items starting Thursday March 7th

FUN FACT: In the recent special election in Kentucky SD 31, the Democrat lost BUT the Democrat’s 6-point loss was 57 points better than Hillary Clinton’s 2016 performance!

  1. 􏰗TONIGHT: Thursday, March 7, 7-9 pm
    Move Your Money: Reduce Climate Risk in Your Investments

Kehilla Community Synagogue, 1300 Grand Ave, Piedmont
Break Up with Your Bank – Reduce Climate Risk in Your Portfolio

2. Sister District: Support Cheryl Turpin. She is a MAJOR republican target. Come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, March 15, 6:30-10pm, at our fundraiser  in Piedmont, with Irish food, drinks, and live music. To attend, donate $75 HERE. (Address will be provided upon RSVP.) See the flyer by clicking here. This is an event you really don’t want to miss!

3. Sister District has multiple postcard campaigns that require postcards to be batched and returned to the porch at 1934 Parker St. Berkeley. Email sdp.ca.13.postcards@gmail.com to get your script and addresses. Make sure you let us know how many addresses (minimum 50) and which of the following campaigns you prefer:

  1. Cheryl Turpin Legislative Accomplishments:  Postcard to solid Democratic supporters of Cheryl Turpin to let them know that, amid the chaos of current Virginia politics, she is working for them and her bill just passed into law.
  2. Sister District Action Network (SDAN) official postcard project:  Postcard as part of a larger experiment into either Louisiana or Mississippi to help people get registered to vote.

4. Sister District Project national is supporting Pam Iovino in an April 2nd special election to flip Pennsylvania State Senate District 37, which is nested almost entirely in Conor Lamb’s congressional district. They are asking for Donations here, and there is more info about Pam here.

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