Minutes from our Meeting March 3rd

Important Advert before minutes from our meeting: We are ending our Facebook postings soon and encourage everyone to sign up at Indivisibleelmwood.org which will be our main mode of communication soon. We hope to get rid of email as well.
Energized by the Cohen hearings, we had a lively meeting yesterday and launched our new campaign.
Our MAIN GOAL for this group is to elect every possible Democrat every time there is a special election, in the Virginia election this fall and then in 2020. 
1. Sister District Campaigns: The main lines for our campaigns in VA House District 85, VA House District 83 and VA Senate 07 are literally still being drawn, but everyone can easily log on to the Supported Campaigns link just under the photo on Indivisibleelmwood.org and make a donation to help Cheryl Turpin (remember her—the first candidate to call us directly to say thanks) for her re-election campaign. ADDED BONUS: This week you can also donate to the very important campaign in Penn House district 114. Every dollar counts for these campaigns. We will have a presentation Why Virginia? at a future meeting. FLIPPING the state house and senate will really feel good. 
2. Very important special election for the Supreme Court in Wisconsin. Send letters via www.votefwd.org
3. We decided to start collecting funds to send some young student interns to help out in the Virginia election this fall, in part because it will be hard for most of us to make it out there. Our very own Bill is working on this project so he will give us details about the plan and Andy will work on how to collect the funds in a legal manner. Getting young people involved in campaigning is great so this is what we call a Double Mitzvah.
4. Bruce brought us up to date on Indivisible and will be suppling us with one action item for each subsequent Monday posting. He will also continue to do general postings on our blog which will be a great help. We decided not to sign on to a general California Indivisible letter to the Newsom since we did not think we had enough info, but are open to do this in the future.
5. Andy updated us on the website. If anyone has any questions, please email him directly at drlaz@me.com. He posted instruction on how to get emails for every posting IF you want them. Dump facebook and join us on the web. 
6. Michael gave us a review of Hillbilly Elegies and we all decided to check our family trees for hillbillies we might want to have chats with (I have many in my tree). We’ll revisit this issue at the next meeting.
7. Jane volunteered to help with the letter writing at Piedmont Gardens and Bruce G. recommended that we help other retirement homes get active. 
Next meeting: Sunday March 17th 4:30-5:45 at our house. Meanwhile, Think Virginia.  Naomi

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