Plans for 2023

We gathered some fascinating info and new ideas for 2023 at the Sister District Summit this weekend. We will share this with everyone next weekend.

Meeting plan: We will meet Sunday March 5th from 4:00-5:00 pm. A Zoom link can be sent to anyone who wants to attend via Zoom–please ask for a link if you want one. We will talk about a new structure for our group, Wisconsin’s court election in April and also the major election coming in Virginia in November 2023. We would like to know who is attending so please RSVP if you intend to join us.

Please spread the word to any friends who might be interested in joining us.

8 thoughts on “Plans for 2023

  1. I will probably be coming, but Gina is going down hill quickly, so may need to miss. I will know closer to date.



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  2. A bit off topic, but if you are doing Vote Forward letters to WI, please note that the social campaign and political campaign letters are different. The social campaign letters do not give info about the candidates, but the political ones do. The political letters list each candidate and tell where each candidate stands on abortion rights, and says that the male candidate is strongly conservative. Most of us in Sat Letter writing group are choosing political campaigns. If you don’t see political campaigns, just click on “show all campaigns” and scroll down.


  3. Hi
    I’m very happy to come to the meeting today.
    I’ll be sending a last minute zoom invitation to Bozena Gilewska and her husband, Jacek. I know Bozena from work at City College of SF. She and her husband are from Poland, became American citizens, and work for the State Dept. I think they would connect very well with the people in our group (plus they are enthusiastic political postcard writers).


  4. Hi

    What if, at the next meeting, (not today) we brought books that we’d finished reading, but would be of interest to people in the group? We could trade books.

    Recently, I found that I have two copies of the same Bryan Stevenson book and I’d be glad to bring one.

    Well, see you soon.


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