No meeting today but lots to do

We think it is best to wait until we can meet again in person, hopefully in two weeks. Meanwhile, lots to do.

We are more than half-way to our fund-raising goal (moved past $5,000 and on to $10,000. Andy and I have not added all of our matching funds yet–we hope to use them to finish off the campaign. Small cards with the QR code for our site can be found in the postcard box on our porch. Pass them out, send around the link and we’ll reach our goal.

Our new postcards came with the slogan we picked at the last meeting. They join other designs on our front porch in packs of 25.

Activate America has some good postcards campaigns now, including one to encourage Wisconsin Dems to vote by mail.

Andy contributes: I had the opportunity to meet virtually with Kermit Jones. He’s a good candidate. Wish he had a more favorable district. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones is now running for that seat, as a second Republican candidate. He and Assembly member Kevin Kiley, who announced earlier, are both vicious human beings and terrible on policy; let’s hope their fight costs them and enough voters stay home in November.

Next meeting Sunday 2/13.

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