Actions to help Virginia

(From Ion at Indivisible CA) If you don’t know already: Virginia’s races are really close, but still definitely winnable. Calling over the next four days, especially to inform voters about where and how to vote is a very good use of time. As with CA’s multi-state recall effort winning these elections will have long-term benefits far beyond one state.

How to help out:

– Start here: and jump in. Many of the major efforts from Grassroots Dems to Sister District to the Center for Common Ground (responsible for Reclaim Our Vote among other work) to Activate America (once Flip the West) are there. This is a link to share with others.

Separately here’s a list of links collected by people sharing them on one Slack or another. I’ve tried to include information about who is doing them, when they are happening, what they cover and anything else that stood out. Make sure to double check the times in advance. Apologies in advance if anything is not correct. Nearly all the groups are changing things up as Tuesday fast approaches.

Most of calls are focused on getting out information on how and where to vote. The number of people who don’t vote because they aren’t sure how to is large and reaching them makes a big difference for both them and the outcome.

Note that some calls are focused on areas that are neglected and thus especially important. See the notes under each group.
    – People who are first-time voters or voters who are registered but didn’t vote in the last Virginia election.
    – Assembly races

Virginia Turnout Project

These calls are happening every day and all day(from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern)

Sat Oct 30, Sun Oct 31, Mon Nov 1

Center for Common Ground / Reclaim Our Vote

Center for Common are focusing on voters, particularly voters of color who are registered but didn’t vote in the previous election.

Every Day

If you have had training these calls are happening every day (from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern)
Training is done beforehand by video:

Grassroots Dems HQ

Sat Oct 30

Mon Nov 1

Swing Left

Saturday Oct 30

Sister District

Sister District is focusing on downballot races and VA Assembly seats.

Saturday Oct 30

Sunday Oct 31

Democratic National Committee

Saturday Oct 30

Activate America

Every Day

If you have had training these calls are happening every day (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific)

Monday Nov 1

Call For Change

Sunday Oct 31

Commit to Flip Blue

Monday, Nov 1

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