Halloween zoom fundraiser

Please join me in welcoming the season the progressive way with a Halloween treat!

Zoom Party Fundraiser for Pamela Price for Alameda County District Attorney, taking place on October 31st at 1pm! 

As you may know, Pamela Price ran for District Attorney in 2018 as the first person to challenge the incumbent D.A. since 1966—and she got 42% of the vote!! She is running again in 2022, and if we all work together, we can elect her in the June primary with at least 50% +1 of the vote!


Alameda County prides itself on being perhaps the bluest county in the bluest state, but we are not living up to our values when it comes to who runs our criminal justice system. Our current Sheriff, conservative Republican Ahern, was featured on John Oliver’s show as an example of how bad Sheriffs are in the entire country, with a rap-list that includes the high rate of deaths in Santa Rita Jail, multiple multi-million-dollar lawsuits and payouts because of misconduct, and a string of racist incidents. Our incumbent D.A. has a record of taking money from Police & Sheriff Associations (the 3rd highest recipient in the state) and is the highest recipient of individual contributions from police officers and Chiefs. According to ACLU data, our incumbent DA has remained neutral or opposed many of the biggest criminal justice reform changes supported by close to 80% of Alameda County constituents. Both of Pamela’s opponents in this race are career DAs in O’Malley’s office who are likely to continue the status quo of “business as usual.”

Come and meet Pamela, ask her your important questions about criminal justice in Alameda County, and learn more about her platform that includes restoring public trust in our criminal justice system, reducing the epidemic of gun violence in our communities, and strengthening our re-entry and rehabilitation services for those leaving incarceration. 

 I’m supporting Pamela because she is part of the nationwide movement to end the disparities in our (in) justice system that disproportionately target and harm people of color and the economically disadvantaged. Pamela will bring accountability, transparency, and compassion to the District Attorney’s office.

REGISTER HERE! https://www.pamelaprice4da.com/judith_zoom_party

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