Quick update

  1. The final batch of postcards arrived. Tony the Dem has a good campaign for Jon Ossoff so stop by and get the cards while they are hot — let’s finish them off supporting Jon O. Let me know if you need help with getting addresses etc. We are out of Julie Oliver addresses so this will be our focus and probably our last postcard campaign.
  2. We passed $35,000 and are heading to $40,000. Encourage nervous friends to donate instead of complain.
  3. Need a buddy? Karen and Judy are busy texting and ready to help. Bill can talk you through phone-bank anxiety. Be ready to switch actions when it is too late to postcard or letter.
  4. Finally, reminder about Votefwd from Sally. Look for the campaigns marked with the P inside the circle. Those are the Priority campaigns and go to Dem voters.

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