Vinnie Bacon Meet & Greet

As Judy reminds us, we have a chance to flip the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to a progressive majority, if Vinnie Bacon wins the South Country district.

This is the most important, consequential race for all of Alameda County on the November ballot. A victory for Vinnie will completely shift the balance on the five-member BOS which has resisted grass roots efforts to audit and restrict the Sheriff’s budget, combat his cooperation with ICE, his militarized form of policing and abusive conditions at Santa Rita Jail.  Vinnie Bacon is the clean money candidate, pro-labor, environmental candidate, and he needs our full-out support.

We are co-sponsoring a Meet-&-Greet for Vinnie. And a small contribution should go a long way in this race. Pre-registration is required.

Meet and Greet

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