Minutes from the Aug 16 meeting

Action Items:


These are the members of the USPS Board of Governors, who have the power to fire the Postmaster General.

Robert Duncan
CEO Inez Deposit Bank
41 Main St
Inez KY 41224
606 298-3511

Roman Martinez IV
248 Tradewind Dr
Palm Beach Florida 33480

John Barger
Northern Cross Partners LLC
945 San Marino Ave
San Marino, CA 91108
626-460-6321 or 213-629-8356

Ron Bloom
Brookfield Asset Management
250 Vesey St 15th Fl
212-417-7000 or 212-978-1709

Donald Moak
The Moak Group
401 9 St NW Suite 740
Washington, DC 20004

William Zollars
913-696-6100 913-232-8068 415-394-9000

The story of why Obama didn’t get to fill vacancies on the board. By the way, Balloon Juice is a great blog run by a West Virginia vet who went from moderate Republican to Never W to left-wing Democrat, picking up a great many progressive co-authors (and a shout-out from Paul Krugman!) on the way.

I haven’t written to the Governors, but I did use Resistbot to send letters to Harris, Feinstein, and Lee. Text USPS to 50409.

Flip the West

Send texts with Flip the West on Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020. Are you free to join me? Use this link to sign up.

Political Roundup

My presentation is here. My discussion is that the legitimate election will be won by Biden and the Democrats, and how we can prepare ourselves for the Republicans’ attempt to create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in order to steal an illegitimate election, or hold onto power in some other way.

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