Quick Update

A full set of minutes from our meeting today will be posted tomorrow (thanks to everyone for a great meeting!). Remember to send me an email (when you are ready) with your 100 Days Goals. How many postcards, letters, texts and phone calls will you try to make before election day? Andy will set up a goal chart which is an anonymous total so everyone gets credit for everything we do!

Meanwhile I want to respond to Judy’s questions about our donation strategies. Please take from this what is useful to you and discard the rest.

For the lowest tier on local state and house races, $100 is fabulous and less is very, very helpful. For the next tier, we will give a big chunk to our two main House races (Cox and Hart) since their expenses are on a different scale. In addition, smaller donations to (hard to turn them down when they call):
Galvin (Alaska) (she plays bridge!)

Mucarsel-Powell (FL)
Brzozowski (IL)
Kunkel (WV) (slightly less hopeless than Swearingen)
Swearingen (WV) (hopeless but a left candidate)
Vazquez (FL)
Imam (TX) (software engineer so Andy had to donate)
Torres-Small (NM) (this is important race)
Lombard (KS)
Driskell (MI)
Hoadley (MI)
Tipernini (AZ) (out of nostalgia)
Stevens (MI)
Dirksen Londrigan (IL)
Hicks (KY)
Goroff (NY)

(early in the cycle we gave small donations to Underwood and Ortiz-Jones but they are well-funded now, same with Harder)

Senate: Main donations to our candidates Gross and Ossoff, token donations to Jordan in Idaho since she is a Native American, Bullock, Greenfield and Bollier.

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