Minutes for the 4/26 meeting

  • Bruce: Report on Indivisible Berkeley and National. We officially endorse Joe Biden, as we committed to endorse the nominee. There was a request to find Nancy Pelosi’s and Dianne Feinstein’s fax numbers. Feinstein’s DC office: (202) 228-3954. Interestingly, Pelosi does not put a fax number on her website, but I find one on a right-wing site urging people to show her the error of her ways.  (202) 225-8259
  • Judy: The action item for the Board of Supervisors meeting is below. [There appears to be an agendum on this same Santa Rita money grab at the Berkeley City Council meeting, where I suspect the outcome is not in doubt —Andy]
  • Bill: EBAA now up to seven interns. Review of Michigan races. More here.
  • Naomi: All quiet on the Tony the Democrat front. We are out of Christy Smith (CA-25) addresses. We have to get ready for texting and phone banking. Bill reported that phone bank volunteers report people are less annoyed at getting calls now that they are shut in. Naomi got help from Commit to Flip Blue for texting training.
  • Andy: A book report on Hiding in Plain Sight. I found the book disappointing in some ways. The two strongest points are the first-person narrative of living through what I call the adjunctification of the economy, where careers are replaced by a sequence of low-paid, no-benefit gigs. Also, what wealth Millennials are able to accumulate is wiped out by student loans and by the loss of their savings and upward transfer of wealth in the aftermath of the 2008 bank collapse. The second strong point is the importance of keeping track of what was once abnormal that becomes normal. The most egregious example may be the unprecedented role of failson Jared and Ivanka. Their presence anywhere near levers of policy show that America is not a meritocracy. I promised links to several articles which I thought showed a more sophisticated understanding. Those will follow. (I am glad to lend out the book to anyone interested.)

One thought on “Minutes for the 4/26 meeting

  1. One minor amendment to the minutes. Although it’s true that Tony the Dem is out of Christy addresses, they do have addresses for getting Floridians to register for Vote By Mail. I think this is worthwhile and have been writing some of these.


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