Minutes from our Meeting

  1. We talked about Giving Circles and how they can help us meet our fund-raising goals. I shared the email Andy and I sent out to our Giving Circle (friends who are not part of Indivisible Elmwood). Here it is so that everyone can copy whatever parts are helpful. In the future we will probably only include the link the our fund-raising page but this first time we wanted to throw in the Pennsylvania race so included two links. If everyone in the group developed their own Giving Circle emails, we might be able to reach our goals without having to do laborious events.

Our email read:

Dear Friend,
Spend your funds carefully this year. Some Democratic candidates are swimming in cash they will have trouble spending and others are looking for much needed money. Once a month until the election we will be sending you a short email with information and links to the two campaigns we think are the most underfunded. You can donate to both, to one or just skip that month. You are of course welcome to send the link on to friends.
This month our two campaigns are
1) T.J. Cox in CA 21. He won by the thinnest margin of 600 votes and his Republican opponent out-raised him this quarter. He does not call us once a week asking for funds and he really needs them, both good reasons to support him. 
2)  Let’s help flip a key seat in the Pennsylvania House on March 17. Howie Hayes hopes to flip a district where the Republican resigned in January. With the election on March 17, even a small donation goes a long way.  
Please let us know if you have any questions and most of all, do not let yourselves get discouraged. Resistance begins with each one of us believing a better and democratic future is possible in the US.
Naomi and Andy

Indivisible Elmwood

2. We handed out some of our handy-dandy new Invisible Elmwood cards which include a QR code that links to our fund-raising page and one that links to the main webpage. We’ll be handing them out at the next meeting and printing more as per needed.

3. We finished with some intense postcarding and also welcome our newest member–welcome Sally.

Next meeting is Sunday March 1, starting with a texting lesson at 4:00 and then a general meeting at 4:30. Meanwhile, keep passing on the link for our TJCox fund-raiser–we are more than half way to our goal. Thanks everyone!

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