Action Items for Sunday Feb. 9th

  1. Tony the Democrat has a campaign to encourage Florida voters to sign up for Vote by Mail: We have postcards on our porch if anyone needs more. I passed on a stack to my students this week and gave them the link for addresses. Everyone loves our postcards–and we gave our some of our buttons at the Reject the Coverup demonstration we went to.
  2. A careful analysis of Democratic fundraising lists T.J. Cox as one of the few Dems who was out-raised by his Republican opponent (exactly as Andy described at our last meeting). How about getting your friends to throw some dollars his way via our Donate link on the home page? We are off and running with $255 but want to reach $1000. Organize a list of emails for your very own Giving Circle you can target with our link once a month and start with the Cox link.
  3. We’ll have a texting lesson before our next meeting (next Sunday) at 4:00. Meanwhile, here is a link about one of the texting groups: Text Troop.
  4. We need everyone on deck. Recruit a friend or neighbor by passing on our website or bringing them to the next meeting.
  5. Next meeting Sunday Feb 16th 4:30-5:45. We’ll have new QR-code cards to hand out, a discussion about mobilizing support and Andy will discuss the New Hampshire results.

2 thoughts on “Action Items for Sunday Feb. 9th

  1. I can’t find the Florida postcard campaign on Tony. Using the Askabby bot the only campaign choice I get is for Ammar. When I go to the postcards to voters site, I see a Texas campaign for registration, but nothing for FL.


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