Action Items Tuesday Jan 28

Item #1: Next meeting: This coming Sunday Feb 2 4:30-5:45

Item #2 Note from EBAA: Reclaim Our Vote is grateful to you and your organization for your support of our February 4 fundraiser in Berkeley with the incomparable Andrea Miller. We’ve sold over 100 tickets, prompting event relocation to Berkeley City College, which boasts a 300 seat capacity. We’ve also raised nearly $6,000 of our $20,000 goal. This is a great start!

  1. Please continue to promote this event. Let’s fill the room! Facebook link here. Can’t attend? Donate here.
  2. We could use a few volunteers at the event. If you can help, please contact Jody Lerner.

Item #3 Be a Do-er and not a Talk-er

Item #4 We are starting up postcarding again. Cards will be on our porch and we’ll talk about some of the campaigns on Sunday.

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