Thanks for a great meeting!

We set in motion both of our fund-raising efforts and they will go live later this week.

  1. Everyone will be sent a link to our Political Memorabilia on-line auction by the end of the week so we all can start passing the link on the political mavens we know. Thanks for all the terrific donation and the help organizing the 20 lots.

2. We’ll also be sending everyone the invite link and file with printed summary of the Virginia Primary) for our Quiet Night At Home fundraiser. To start selling these (minimum donation $20), you’ll need to print out the primary info file as a one-page sheet, find your own tea bags, and add one of our buttons (we made the first 60 at our meeting) and put in an envelop. If you do not have any of our great new buttons, please email me about picking some up. They will also be available at our next meeting, Sunday May 26th at our house.

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