Save SB 100 and California’s Clean Energy Progress

The following urgent request is from Jiggy Athilingam, Indivisible Senior State Policy Manager. Note: Item 3 has been taken care of.

California’s clean energy future is at risk. Last year, we passed SB 100 to accelerate our renewable energy portfolio standard to 60% renewable by 2030 and 100% renewable by 2045. Now, special interests are trying to carve out loopholes and exemptions to weaken the law.

SB 386 (Caballero) would exempt two irrigation districts and allow them to count large hydro power toward the 60% renewable standard. If these two districts are allowed to count large hydro, they will have absolutely zero incentive to produce real renewable energy. What’s worse is that this sets a very dangerous precedent — it won’t be long until every district demands this exemption, which would completely undermine our path to a cleaner energy future.

SB 386 passed the Senate Energy Committee this week with the votes of moderate Dems and Republicans. It does not have to go to Appropriations and there is fear that it may get fast tracked to the Senate floor, as early as next week.

The SB 100 coalition is on emergency alert and needs our help.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Call your state Senator. Since this could be headed to the floor, every Senator needs to hear from us. Look up their number here. Here is a call script:
    “Hello, my name is <NAME> from <TOWN>. I’m calling to express serious concern about SB 386, a bill that would effectively gut the renewable energy goals set forth in SB 100 by allowing large hydro dams to count toward the 60% renewable by 2030 standard. Climate change is an emergency and I expect California to lead the way in environmental reform, not undermine our own progress. Can I count on Senator <NAME> to vote NO on SB 386 on the Senate floor next week?”
  2. Drop-in to your Senator’s office. If you have the time, grab a few of your group members and spontaneously stop by your Senator’s district office on Monday in person to ask them to vote NO on SB 386.
  3. Sign your group onto the coalition opposition letter. The SB 100 coalition is submitting an opposition letter (text at the bottom of this email). To sign on, please email your name, group name, and group logo to
  4. Tweet about this to raise awareness. This bill has been moving quietly and we need to raise awareness about its dangers. Use the sample tweets in this toolkit and the graphics below. Sample social

This bill could move as early as next week so time is of the essence. Thank you for your activism!

In solidarity,


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