Action Item: Apply Pressure on Congress.

All of us have been consumed with learning every [unredacted] thing about the Mueller report this week.  Many of us probably agree with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who tweeted on the 18th:   “Doing nothing when we are seeing blatant disregard of the United States constitution, to our ethical norms, is dangerous.” It’s not only up to Congress to hold Trump accountable, it’s our job to do so. #InvestigateNow #TimetoImpeach At this point Barbara Lee does not appear to be a co-sponsor of Tlaib’s resolution. We might help change that.

From Indivisible’s national team:

Congress must investigate now.

It’s our turn to put in the work to urge Congress to use their oversight powers to investigate Trump. Members of Congress (especially those who sit on relevant committees like Judiciary or Intelligence) should continue using their subpoena power to uncover the full Mueller report, as well as pursuing investigations related to Trump’s corruption, both during and before his time in office. There are a few ways we’re going to do that:

  1. Call to support Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s impeachment resolution. Make a call to your MoC and tell them to co-sponsor Rep. Tlaib’s resolution (H.Res. 257) and begin investigating whether Trump should be impeached.
  2. Send an email to support Rep. Tlaib’s impeachment resolution. Write up an email (or use our suggested text!) and we’ll send your letter to your MoC urging them to co-sponsor Rep. Tlaib’s resolution.

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