Minutes From our Meeting Sunday April 13th (thanks to those who came!)

  1. Bill explained that our old local CA13 Sister District group has been renamed East Bay Action Network and is now an affiliate of (and not a sub-group of) the larger Sister District organization. CA 13 is going solo in order to be able to engage in not only the activities forwarded from Sister District but also other actions that are not part of the SD mission. Most of us will not notice any difference in how our group functions and Bill will keep us up with anything we need to know about this reorganization.
  2. We went over our two upcoming fundraisers. First, we will offer our Quite Evening at Home for June 11th, the night of the Virginia primary. Look for a sample invitation to be posted later this week–hoping that everyone will give their suggestions on how to improve it. We will then send it around to friends via email. For the second fundraiser, our Political Paraphernalia Auction, we will be able to host an on-line auction with 20 items (one item can actually be a group of items). Please bring all donations (old buttons, bumper stickers etc. to our next meeting. We will take photos for the auction at the meeting. The auction will go live after we have done as much as we can with the Quiet Evening. Funds raised by the auction will go to Bill’s intern program.
  3. Judy gave an update about all the work going into replacing the Alameda sheriff. Bruce will be coordinating with Indivisible CA since they can be a big help with this vital issue. Judy will be posting information to keep us up to date. Thursday May 27th panel on Alameda County Politics at the Wellstone Club meeting, 7:00 Humanist Hall Oakland (This information will be repeated closer to the date of the meeting.)
  4. We went over a possible button design. Andy will be printing out some samples for our next meeting so send any ideas on to him. We also reviewed the postcard plans. Hope to have them for our next meeting.
  5. We wrote postcards for a study on voter turnout that Sister District is doing. We will certainly share anything we hear about the results of various postcard studies—though it may be a while since this was about getting voters out this coming November.
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One thought on “Minutes From our Meeting Sunday April 13th (thanks to those who came!)

  1. Just one correction: The Wellstone Meeting on Alameda County politics that Naomi mentioned above is on Thur, May 23 (not may 27). The speakers will be Supervisors Wilma Chan and Keith Carson. More info later.


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