Minutes from our meeting

Please note: Sorry for the delay in posting minutes.

Next meeting: Sunday April 14th 4:30-5:45

  1. We started off with a lively discussion answer some questions from Indivisible Headquarters about 1) do we want to endorse a particular candidate (to which we said no, but we did list several we all liked in a hierarchy of top tier and second tier and 2) which issues are most important to us. At some point Bruce, our scribe, will post a summary here. Interesting points made all around.
  2. We talked about our two fundraisers. Jane is going to catalogue all of the items for our political auction. Please pass a list of your donations on to her (jane@donjelinek.com). Emily is going to make the handout about Virginia elections for the Quiet Evening fundraiser. More on both fundraisers soon.
  3. Bill reported that something is going between with our CA 13 Sister District group and the main Sister District group. He will give us a report after an upcoming meeting which has been set up to explain the situation.
  4. We talked about buttons and postcards. We are ordering 750 postcards with the color-in design for those who want that one and we will also order some of the Our Vote is Our Voice for those who like that one. The Elmwood Post office is already out of postcards so we recommend everyone buy when they can. Design a new button contest is on (Bruce has sent in some great suggestions and we want to move forward so if you have an idea, send it to Andy (drlaz@me.com)).
  5. For our action item we all looked as the http://www.Votefwd.org which most of the group was not familiar with. They have some important campaigns on now such as a special election in Pennsylvania. Even if we lose some of these campaigns they get getting people in the habit of voting.
  6. Michael passes this additional action item on to everyone:

Support our hungry neighbors in Puerto Rico. [h/t Mi Familia Vota]

The president is blocking food aid to Puerto Rico where nearly 43% of the population relies on food stamps.
Donate: To the Food Bank of Puerto Rico (Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico)

Call: Your Feinstein and Harris (202) 224-3121
Script: Hi, I’m calling from [ZIP] to support relief for Puerto Rico. Our fellow Americans are starving due to the president’s biases and Congressional inaction. I’m asking [name] to show mercy toward our fellow citizens, support immediate passage of S. 572 to address the situation, and ensure Puerto Rico receives all promised financial support.

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