What We are Up To

I have emerged from the world of grading into the world of politics and we have lots to talk about on Sunday, such as …….

Indivisible in the Primaries? The Big Questions

US Indivisible has asked local groups to complete a survey by April 15 on what should be the posture of Indivisible in the primary election season around both candidates and issues.  Do we want to endorse a presidential candidate? If so, on what criteria? How much do the candidates’ campaign values or practices matter? What about their stance on specific policy issues? What are the pros and cons of endorsing—both for Indivisible nationally and for us locally? How about other types of engagement in the primary process? And how would we rank the current candidates if we were to endorse any at this point?

On Sunday, we’ll spend some time on a questionnaire covering these issues.  It should be an interesting conversation.

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