Next meeting notes

Didn’t this week make you GLAD we took the House back?!?! It’s time to get moving on the next set of elections. We are a famous group—Josh Harder called again today. Time to put some more people in office.

  1. Next meeting this Sunday, March 3rd 4:30–5:45 at our house.
  2. The move to our webpage continues: Many of you are already followers (hurrah!). If you need help signing up, email Andy at
  3. Our donation link on the website for the next week is collecting funds for the special election in Pennsylvania Assembly district 114 where there is an important election on March 12. Even small donations go a long way on these local campaigns.
  4. Tony the Democrat’s new IMPORTANT campaign:
    What? Election
    When? Tuesday, April 2
    Who? Judge Lisa Neubauer
    For? Supreme Court
    Want addresses? Email Janice at
  5. VoteForward is also working on the Wisconsin election available  at
  6. Send a thank you to the supervisors who rejected Urban Shield.

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