Minutes of the April 23, 2023 meeting

Sister District is matching local (to us) groups up with Virginia for their odd-year legislative elections. The four candidates they are supporting are Danica Roem, Schuyler van Valkenburg, Joshua Cole, and Michael Feggans. We are particularly looking at Feggans, who is running for the House of Delegate from the 97th District in Virginia Beach. Feggans is an Air Force veteran, a retired Master Sergeant. On paper his views are what we want: pro-reproductive rights, pro-education, etc. Note that redistricting has scrambled the numbers of the districts: the old 97th was a very red rural area. The district is entirely within Virginia Beach and has zero overlap with the old one. It’s 57% White, supported Youngkin 51–48, but supported the Democratic candidates in previous elections by similar narrow margin. We are trying to arrange a Zoom interview with Feggans for an upcoming meeting. His opponent narrowly won the 85th District (similar location) over our candidate Alex Askew by 115 votes. We can do this.

We signed onto a letter from multiple groups asking Dianne Feinstein to retire, and some of us have made similar individual requests.

Bill has remained active with the Central Valley groups trying to get some voter engagement structure, so we don’t give away winnable seats. They have a virtual fundraiser coming up, Thursday, May 5, 5:00 pm.

A wake for EBAA will be held April 30. I’ll attend.

Bruce will read a book for the next meeting.

And I showed that I can connect to an (empty) local WordPress site.

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