Minutes from the Oct 9 meeting

We spent time writing letters. Many letters. Many races.

Link for Grandmothers for a Brighter Future.

Our acquaintances fall on both sides of Berkeley Measure L (bonds). Here is part of an email for a Town Hall in favor of L. (Yes, that is tomorrow.)

Please join us for a Town Hall
Wednesday, October 12 7:00 – 8:30 PM – BY ZOOM
To Learn About Measure L
RSVP by Clicking HERE
Measure L is a Bond Measure to Renew Berkeley
Pro-L Town Hall Invitation

We will be at College and Ashby on Friday, October 14, at 4:00 to hawk our Defend Democracy yard signs.

Note, I have recorded money given to me for signs from Bruce and Jane. There are two of you whose donations I missed; please let me know who you are.

One thought on “Minutes from the Oct 9 meeting

  1. Hello,

    So sorry to have missed Oct 9….. I came down with Covid on Saturday……. !!! I think Naomi knows as I wrote to her…. I was in her Jonah group….. I hope I did not give it to anyone there!

    I left $40 cash through your mail slot last week……. I have one sign in my window but have not picked up others.

    I am writing letters……… and hope to do more postcards when I feel better.

    Re: Nov. 14…. I have to see if I am testing Negative…. If I am, I will try and join you for a while.

    Stay well, Mary



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